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Very doubtful hey sunny?


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Put this in your pipe and smoke it!!


VET MEN 30-34
1577HARVEY CRAIGCG00:40:20.800:00:00.0
2574LABUSCHAGNE DAVIDCG00:41:21.100:01:00.3
3561FOURIE PETRUS JOHANNESFSS00:43:37.500:03:16.7
4568HYAM DAVIDEP00:43:47.500:03:26.7
5571PRETORIUS COENFSS00:43:59.600:03:38.8
6572O'REILLY DONOVAN GEORGEBOR00:44:13.900:03:53.1
7565CAMPBELL GLEN CRAIGCG00:45:04.100:04:43.3
8564DAVIDS ABDUL QUAYUMWP00:46:31.900:06:11.1
9562FOURIE JEANFSS00:47:05.900:06:45.1
10566B?HMER LEONMPU00:47:10.800:06:50.0
11569JACOBS AWIEBOR00:48:08.400:07:47.6
12560STROEBEL CORNELIUSNW00:50:56.900:10:36.1
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F0kkit, goeie ride Craig, onthou net een jersey per persoon, nou moet jy sondag uitsit.

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Ja Nee Mud. Nice om van ons vrystaters te sien presteer in die vet catogorie!!! Ek dink hulle 2 verdien dit. Hard geoefen daarvoor!!

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Guest Big H

Beteken die VET hulle is dik???????????

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Hang seker maar af hoe mens voel op 'n ouer ouderdom. As jy vet voel dan val jy in daai klas, anders bly jy soos Malcolm en David in die elite groep!!Wink

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