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Race Routes compared

Guest Big H

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Guest Big H

A friend who likes to play with statistics came up with this. Interesting reading but I do not take responsibilty for his results. The following is a copy of an email and stats he sent. Thanx John!!!!!


Last night I compared well known races currently on the SACF calendar against each other.  I also added 3 very well known cycling routes, they are: Kyalami, Suikerbosrand and the SA champs route around the Union buildings (also used for the ?Go Banking Tshwane Mayoral Ride?)

After playing with these figures, I suddenly understand why I felt like dying at the Monte Casino race.  It ended at number 6 on the list of most difficult routes!!! 

The 94.7 and Amashova managed to make huge statements against the Argus.  Both of them appeared on the ?TOP 10? lists while the Argus could not make it.  Between these three hot races the stats and calculations confirmed that the Argus is easier than the 94.7 and the Amashova is more difficult than the 94.7.<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Here are some facts:

?         Amashova has the most downhills

?         Suikerbosrand has the worst downhills (no wonder I crashed at 80km/h)

?         Carousel has the least climbing and most flat sections

?         Suikerbosrand has the most but the Panorama has the steepest climbs

?         Ride for sight is easier than the Hyper to hyper when it comes to climbing.

?         Bela-Bela has the most gentle uphills and downhills

?         Kyalami may have the smallest altitude difference but it deserves respect when it comes to uphills and downhills.


The easiest ride is Bela-Bela followed by Carousel and the Panorama was beaten by Suikerbosrand for the most difficult ride!!!


Top 10
SuikerbosrandBela Bela
Panorama TourCarousel
Jock 105Bakwena
AmashovaLost City
Monte CasinoOFM
94.7Ride for sight
DischemHyper to Hypper
Ride for victoryCradle classic
Cresta spring rideTelkom Satelite
% Downhill distance% Uphill distance% Flat distance
CarouselAmashovaBela BelaSuikerbosrandSuikerbosrandCarousel
Bela BelaSuikerbosrandCarouselJock 105AmashovaBela Bela
BakwenaPanorama TourBakwenaMonte CasinoMonte CasinoBakwena
KremetartMonte CasinoKremetart94.7Panorama TourKremetart
Lost City94.7OFMRide for victory94.7OFM
OFMJock 105Lost CityRide for sightJock 105Lost City
Cradle classicKyalamiDischemPanorama TourRide for victoryCradle classic
Ride for sightRide for victoryBerge en daleKyalamiKyalamiHyper to Hypper
Telkom SateliteCresta spring rideCresta spring rideAmashovaRide for sightBerge en dale
Hyper to HypperDischemHyper to HypperTelkom SateliteUnion BuildingDischem
Easiest DownhillsEasiest Climbs
based on average gradientbased on percentage downhill distance and average gradientbased on average gradientbased on percentage uphill distance and average gradient
Bela BelaBela BelaBela BelaBela Bela
Ride for sightLost CityLost CityLost City
Lost CityOFMRide for sightOFM
OFMRide for sightHyper to HypperHyper to Hypper
Hyper to HypperKremetartOFMKremetart
Telkom SateliteCradle classicCradle classicRide for sight
Cradle classicHyper to HypperKremetartCradle classic
Union BuildingTelkom SateliteUnion BuildingUnion Building
Toughest DownhillsToughest Climbs
based on average gradientbased on percentage downhill distance and average gradientbased on average gradientbased on percentage uphill distance and average gradient
SuikerbosrandSuikerbosrandPanorama TourSuikerbosrand
Panorama TourPanorama TourSuikerbosrandPanorama Tour
Jock 105AmashovaJock 105Jock 105
AmashovaJock 105DischemMonte Casino
DischemMonte CasinoMonte CasinoKyalami
Monte Casino94.7Kyalami94.7
KyalamiDischemBerge en daleAmashova
Berge en daleRide for victoryCresta spring rideRide for victory
Ride for victoryCresta spring ride94.7Cresta spring ride
Altitude differenceAmount of slopes
KyalamiAmashovaKyalamiPanorama Tour
Union BuildingPanorama TourCarouselMonte Casino
Lost CityJock 105BakwenaSuikerbosrand
Bela BelaKremetartUnion BuildingJock 105
ArgusDischemBela BelaDischem
OFMRide for victoryHyper to HypperRide for victory
CarouselTelkom SateliteLost CityBerge en dale
Ride for sightMonte CasinoRide for sightAmashova
Cresta spring rideSuikerbosrandCresta spring rideKremetart
Races used to compile stats
Bela Bela20050528
Berge en dale20050129
Cradle classic20050925
Cresta spring ride20051009
Hyper to Hypper20070128
Jock 10520050723
Lost City20050820
Monte Casino20060903
Panorama Tour20070428
Ride for sight20070218
Ride for victory20061015
Telkom Satelite20051022
Union Building20060730
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Now i also understand why i spent so much time on the bike at the Monte Casino!

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I'm glad Suikerbosrand gets the respect it deserves (as being the hardest). I no longer have to feel bad about having to drag my a$$ there to get some T.I.T.S. 

Add some wind and it's even harder.
Frosty2007-06-04 04:47:01
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Guest Big H

BBi read my post..... this was not done by myself but by a friend!!!!!!!!

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