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any interesting MTB rides in JHB on wednesday??


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hey all,




just wanted to find out if there are any interesting MTB rides planned for wednesday the public holiday in and around jhb or pta for that matter, which I could possibly join up with??





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mands re you gonna be at NF?


i'm possibly riding there and back - we *could* meet for a ride or coffee? but only if you're doing LSD smiley4.gif cat-i2009-12-15 13:19:14

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Guest Agteros

Not an MTB ride, but doing an interesting run tomorrow morning even though I do not have a funny hat to wear yet...


This from www.runnersguide.co.za:

Wobblers & Wigglers Hat Race






Date: 16 December 2009
Time: 08h00
Organisers: Pirates Road Running
Distance: 8.3; ;
Province: Central Gauteng
Start: Pirates Club
Braeside Road

Editor's Notes:




is a running tradition, and one of Joburg's best-kept athletic secrets.

The Pirates Wobbler?s and Wiggler?s Hat race has never been on the

official calendar. This run supports worthy causes, helping the needy.




All participants must wear a funny hat. Failure to comply is likely

to result in instant disqualification or cash in the charity box. (For

the uninitiated, this means you will get a lift back to the clubhouse

on the beer truck.)




Runners and spectators will see participants with hats of the most

fantastical creation, such as mining hats that have propellers and play

music, outrageous Mexican sombreros, and beer hats strapped to the side

of runners' heads, which, via an ingenious system of drinking straws,

provide adequate sustenance along the way

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Guest Agteros


There'll be a group riding out at SBR tomorrow. Can bring the Mountain Bike along Thumbs%20Up


I'd rather go run smiley2.gif joining the running group for breakfast afterwards Thumbs%20Up

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Guest Agteros


Oxman! You love avoiding SBR hey Tongue

You guys just pick bad days for SBR smiley2.gif


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Guest Agteros

too much hill training makes you slow Kieran.... next road race is a downhill race! 

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