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Campy Replacement Brake Pads


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I have to replace my road bike's Campy brakes and I'm sure someone has already done the homework on this one so any advice would be appreciated.


Options are:

Buy genuine Campy replacement pads

Buy alternative replacement pads into existing holders

Buy cheaper pad & holders

I would really like to keep my bike stock and Campy holders look great so options 1&2 are best for me.

I have read about Fibrax pads which seem much cheaper (R20 each) than Campy's but not sure where these can be bought in SA?


Any suggestions of the route to follow and cost involved.

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The SwissTop are great but at 5x the price...


??? Where do you get your brake pads from? More like 30% more if you compare the price to the cheapest prices available overseas. CRC prices for campy pads are R215 ex vat and shipping.

velo2009-12-31 07:29:08

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Sorry, I'm a smuck when it comes to forking out bucks, hence research into something "trivial" like brake pads...


Chain Reaction has

Fibrax Pads R42.80/pair  (R21.40/ea) This is what I was using as the comparison as I have seen good reviews and at that price... thought it worth a try if I could find them locally and confirm good reviews.


The Campy's from CW are market related priced at around R80 each incl shipping & the SwissTop R115/ea are a bit more than the ones on special at CRC.

My smuck status, as mentioned above, still thinks R80 for a small block of rubber is excessive or is it just me and I must just cough up?

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Happy new year and my 2c worth


Those little small blocks of trivial rubber is whats going to save your life when you need to stop in a hurry. I would spend the bucks to get the best, but hey thats me, if you happy with anything else its a free country Smile
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As some cyclist once said:"brakes are overated' date=' they just slow you down!"LOL[/quote']

So trueLOL
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Small black pieces that saves my butt - and a couple of other places - just a while ago when a brain donor'ed driver turned in riiiight in front of me from the opposite lane.


SRAm brakes and Swisstop pads combined... A week earlier I still had Tektro brakes and old pads on - I would've been t-boning a car.


Trust me - you don't use your brakes all that often - when you need them, it's worth the extra 30 bucks.


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I replaced my dura ace pads the other day, got Xact or something like that from Wonder Woman, They cost less than 100 bucks for 4. Use the current holders. These things work prettyfine for me.

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and what were they like? Always thought these were the budget Sportsman's Warehouse/Game type parts - not performance parts?


Out of interest why BBS-23c and not BBS-03a? Both are indicated for Campy 2000.


Checked out my 2 LBS yesterday to see what they had. BBB for carbon fibre rim and nothing else. Joys of a small town!

Will have to check Durban shops else will have to order online.
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  • 3 weeks later...

Eventually got JAGWIRE replacement pads for the campy holders. R50 per pair. Have had a few rides and seem pretty decent. I think my old pads had gone hard from age so I'm sure anything would feel better.

MY LBS phoned and have now got genuine Campy replacement pads in stock so I have a plan B...
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