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My Varsity transport PROJECT

no calves

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it was a test run. as you can see mine has cable guides. As I said it was a test run. It needs a brooks saddle so complete the package!no calves2010-01-09 12:15:40

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roeland strt is broad enough aint it? it is a single speed and on the other side it is fixed. so I can go race track if I want to.

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Looks good, I see that is where the cassette is coming from. Add a rather large lock and chain to the mix and you are ready to commute.

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Great varsity bike.


Don't buy a brooks yet, not for varsity!!!


Bike theft is a big industry at varsities, so use a proper U clamp lock.  Esp a looker like yours will attract attention, and it will get scrapes and bumps etc against lamp posts etc. so Brooks is for after varsity


O and stuff the singlespeed, ride Fixed Wink
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