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Power Cranks or Power Meters


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I was just thinking about it and if you had the choice which one would you choose?


They are fairly familiar in price.


So which one would be more beneficial?


With the power cranks you would learn to pedal correctly and therefore have more power when racing.


While with the power meter you would be able to train better and have more information on your training and racing but not necessarily have a big improvement in power?


So which one?


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Two very different things;


Power Cranks - a product that "claims" to improve power via improved pedalling efficiency (very questionable claims at that - go to http://www.cyclingforums.com/t385334.html and you will be able to read all the various debates)


Power meter - a tool that measures power output that can be used to improve training efficiency if used correctly.


The big difference is that how you use Power Cranks is dictated to you by the design and instructions whereas how you use a power meter is up to you or a coach.


Once makes questionable claims, the other makes no claims other than to measure your output accurately.


No brainer.


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I can honestly recommend the Power Tap. The best money I have spent on my bike in a long time. Only thing is you need to get a coach who understands training with power and who can correctly interpret the data from training and racing. I have been using it for the last month. I swear the difference between what I was doing and what I am now doing is like night and day. Training without Power is a waste of time as far as I am concerned. I am not knocking other training techniques, devices etc, but personally I can already see the difference, and this is the first training program I have ever been on that I really believe in. So if you can afford it go for either an SRM or Power Tap. 


Good luck. 
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Thanks a lot for the feedback, it seems everyone is for the power meter option. And I have to agree that training with power is the way forward.


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I know the Feeling Gary, my Road bike is in the Shop today, need new BB. Anyway, if I can't have my bike back tomorrow and train with the PowerTap I almost don't even want to "waist" my time on the Mtb without the PowerTap. My training is so geard working with power I don't trust anything else, esspesially not HR since I just started again it's Higher than normal and not back in sync with my PowerOutput and so "useless".

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