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I recently read that the average British teenager has a vocabulary of approx 800 words. 

After reading through a few posts on the Hub today, I'm not sure that Hub's vocab is too far off!


How about we start a list of correct vs incorrect spelling - the one that has just pushed me over the edge is the use of "breaks" where it should have been "brakes".




Sorry about the rant, but my job involves noticing these things, so the abundance of errors drives me insane!
Mrs Colonel2010-01-12 12:56:47
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A rim is just a rim, not the entire wheel... a wheel has spokes, a rim, a hub, possibly rim tape, tubes, tyres, even a cassette... a rim is just a hoop with lotsa holes for the spokes or nipples...

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"helmut"   - helmet 


(the thing Arny warns as about on tv, yep the thing thats suppose to be on your head when out riding to protect the road from your brains if you fall)


"Breakes" - Brakes


(the levers you pull to stop yourself from going over the corner on the single track and the ones you pull to stop yourself hitting the back of a taxi)


edited -  LOL I even misspelled the wrong spelling of helmet LOL


ASTANA2010-01-12 07:16:56

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oh whoopee.  the grammar and spelling police.  This is some people's only opportunity to learn how to spell and string words together into semi coherent phrases and you go and bash them?  Really they need all the practice they can get before they write that technical manual about teh RSA economy.

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