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Plasti Dip

Iwan Kemp

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Revive ye old thread!


What happened here? Much luck?


Yes. I dipped both my lights batteries.


The one was the Magiclight battery and the other was my home built light. Both battery packs have seen their fair share of wet weather and neither have given a moments problem and are still running well.


I did though waste quite a bit of the plasti-dip as it ended up "eating" the plastic container, so ended up throwing the remainder away.

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I was looking at the problem you want to solve and wondered if it would not be easier to just use silicone insulation tape and wrap the batteries. I have used that stuff on a number of varied applications and it really seals well, especially if you heat it slightly with a hot air blower afterwards.


it doesnt seem likely that you will need better sealing than this for batteries on a bike light..............unless you fall over into rivers at night ! :oops: :wacko:

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