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Which hardtail to start out with?


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Hey everyone




Totally new to the forum and to cycling! Getting into cycling at the ripe young age of 30 (last time I cycled regularly I was in my teens) to get fitter and have a little fun, and signed up here 'cos I figured it was the best place to go for advice...




So I'm looking to buy my first bike (been borrowing either my old man's Scott Scale 60 or his old Nishiki) and I've settled on the following requirements:


- R4-R6k budget


- Hardtail with 100mm upfront


- Hydr. discs




The bike will be ridden through the 'burbs, over whatever trail shortcuts I can find, singletrack as my skills improve, etc




Assuming I buy new, I narrowed it down to the following bikes, though some might be out of my price range:




Scott Aspect 45:






Mongoose Tyax Elite:






Merida Matts TFS XC 100-D:






Giant Terrago Disc:






What are your guys' opinions on these bikes, and what else should I be looking at? What should I look out for when buying a bike, considering I am totally clueless?




Any advice would be appreciated...

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I am to lazy to look at the specs of all these bikes but look at the shock and make sure it is decent . ( google each shock for reiews) . The rest of the bike can be upgraded as the need arises without spending to much money . BUT as everybody else will tell you make sure you feel comfy when sitting on the bike .

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Look to be honest, Im not much of a Scott fan but if i were in your position with the options you have posted here this would be my choices


1.Merida, in all liklihood the lightest of them all, but looks really comfy & good value for hard earned money

2.Giant - Definately, has the best drivetrain




Hope this helps
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Of the bikes you have listed I honestly cant pick one without looking at them in real life although I like the look of the Scott.


I would pic which ever one I felt had the best frame and as dirt rider said, the fork and then wheels. These are the heart and soul of the bike and also the expensive items to upgrade. The rest of the bike can be upgraded as components wear out but frame, fork and wheels make the biggest difference to how the bike feels and cost the most to change if you dont like something.


You may also be interested in a GT. In my opinion they are awesome bikes and very good value for money. Look for a GT Avalanche. I am not sure of  prices but I am sure there is one in your price range.


There are also some very good second hand bargains available. I bought my bike for R6800 when it was 6 months old with little mileage for less than half the price of a new one. You need to be pretty confident that you can tell the condition of a bike though.




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dude, there's a Specialized hardrock here on the hub for about 6k. its an awesome bike, you can upgrade it later and the frame solid. i have one and love mine, been changing the specs and its turning into a quality HT. check it out.

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How about these?






No No NO!!  Gumtree = swearword!!


Rtaher use TheHub to pick up some real solid deals!! More reliable and much less chance of being ripped off!!  Use  - don't use it.


My advice - Rather opt for a decent "previously loved" bike here on the The Hub...you'll get slightly more bang for your buck...and plenty of advice...

Also. you'll need money left over for a Helmet; gloves; and all those extras you don't think of from the start...a sure way to blow your tight budget before you even got into the sport....so be aware!!


Good luck & welcome to the mad world of the Hub!!


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What about Silverback? They offer really good value for money. I personally would advise to get the bike with the best specs, the frame is pretty cheap to swap out later but the shocks/grousets/ect gets really expensive.

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what are your guys' thoughts on the GT? Good bike considering the others I've been looking at? Price alright?

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ahh nevermind the GT is sold...




It's down to the Scott Aspect 45, Meride Matts TFS 100 or Giant Terrago Disc, I honestly can't tell which is better :D their specs are all similar




Checked out the Mongoose and didn't like it much...




Waiting for the Scott Aspect 45s to land at CW Cycles so I can check them in the flesh, and in the meantime hunting for any bargains I can find... thanks for the advice so far...

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