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Gobi Xm vs Phenom vs Silverado


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As you can see I have a saddle delema here, which one to choose ? Or is there another saddle I should be looking at?

Intended use is XC riding with the average ride distance being 50km but occasional longer ride of 100km plus.




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Cant offer decent advice, but I can say that I have the Phenom, and I'm very happy with it. Done many marathons and Sabie Experience, no problems.

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saddles are like lube. tyres and religion, everyone on the hub has there own idea of what works. 


Me, I like a minimalist saddle like the selle italia slr xc gel, ive done 5 hours on in with cape storm nitro bibs and no issues.  But if you dont ride allot your but will never get used to such a thin saddle, so maybe something thicker. 


People swear by the gobi, got one with the bike, sold it a few days later, hated the shape. 
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