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eye to eye length of shock on Anthem X1


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Sorry if the question is a bit vague.


If I was to purchase a new (rear)  shox for my anthemx1, what should the eye to eye length be?


ie what size to purchase?


jughead_dave2010-03-02 07:21:27

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The reason I ask, is that  suspect that my |RP2 is not extending fully, it may be partially "stuck down"


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JHD, I'm pretty sure mine is fine. tell me where to measure (pics/diagrams are great Wink) and I'll let you know...

Otherwise, contact 'ghostface' on here, I think he works for the giant distributors (or pm me for his contact details). He's helped me out lots before and responds quickly
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Morning. Yep it's 165. If it's "stuck down" you'll have to send it in to Fox and get it serviced. Your LBS should be able to take the shock out and send it away for you. Do it ASAP as with all the races and the Argus coming up, most distro's crazy busy. We are.

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