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MTB Lights ? how much Lux or Lumen?


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I wanna get some mining head lamps for nigh racing.  Buddy at the Nandos Magalies last year had one and it looked like daylight with him around.

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I found guys that supply cable free headlamps which I want to try out.  I?m just not sure what I need & how much light does a certain amount of Lux or Lumen mean.


For example ? what distance clear visibility will the following provide:


Lamp A:  R503 

Working Hours        => 12 hours

Illumination              11 hours later not less than 1000Lx

Weight                     110 grams


Lamp B:  R685 

Working Hours        >- 14 Hours (1200Lx)

Working Hours        >= 6 Hours (2000Lx)

Weight                     130 grams

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Lux = lumens/m^2, and as such is a bit of a useless figure without the distance the reading was taken at and beam angle. Find out what make and model of LED is used, and what the driver current is (or just PM me the full details of the light) and I'll be able to tell you more.

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Try the lights at deal extreme - magicshine is the brand name. Mine came to R740 including Vat at this end and postage. they claim 900 lumen but from what i read its more like 700. Still perfect for fast d/h descending and very light. Has an SSC p7 emitter which is a very good one.

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I can race with 50 lum , 1 princeton tec eos rebel 1 watt Led.

Some guys are night blind, its just the way it is .


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went night riding last week. Had 900 lumens light mounted on the bike. I was slow but some of the guys would not pass me. They claimed to see better when behind me than infront of me.




Small battery = 3.5 hours.


Waterproop and robust.




Solstice Solo +- R2700.





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