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Hi everyone!


Just a heads up, I have noticed that quite a few products/brands are doing a better job re: pricing in SA.


Off the top of my head, I know a few products that are available cheaper locally (provided your LBS isn't pulling the ring) than CRC!


We had a guy bring in a Reba Team (bought off CRC) for us to fit, we could have matched the CRC price. 2010 Boxxers are also competatively priced. Shimano have also slashed much of their pricing...


So before you place your next CRC order, give your LBS a try.
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Brad can you name some stuff ? I have a good relationship with my lbs as they always help me with last minute stuff but their prices are outrageous, I just can't afford to support them even if I want to...

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This is great news. Suddenly the distributors realise that the gaurantee boogey-man isn't as scary as they thought. My guess is that the prices will come down on a few KVIs (known value items) only and we'll still be ripped off with the more obscure parts. But, I've been wrong before.


Just this morning I drove past a house in my neighbourhood, where it is dustbin day today. On the pavement were two complete bike boxes - CRC and several smaller CRC boxes.


This CRC monster is far bigger than most people will admit.

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Have to agree. Bought an XTR middle chainring and XTR disk brake pads from my LBS (R903.95 and R199.00 incl VAT) this week for less than the advertised price on CRC (R929.29 and 179.47 but excl VAT and clearing charges) or  (R1059.39 and R199.15 incl VAT). Both these are consumable items so good to see. In addition I get a "loyalty" discount at the LBS which made it even more attractive. The message is clear - support your LBS and importer when you are given a fair deal - hopefully the entire playing field will be leveled.


I do not believe that the LBS has been the source of the problem but rather the importer or possibly the manufacturer having different "export prices" for different countries. Just good to see that the free market system is working and clearly the importer/manufacturer is seeing that it is now a globally competitive market. Great!


Watched day 1 of Joberg2c today. We are very privileged to have events of this calibre! Simply awesome organsation! Well done guys - we are very proud of you.





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