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  1. Just don't hang your bike off the back of the rack. Get one that your bike stands on and is clamped. The rest is covered above!
  2. For what it's worth. I ran Pro One's which stick like *h*t to a blanket on the road, loved them. The GP5000TL have been disappointing in that they have perished quite badly on the wheels I had hanging in the garage. I was surprised at how bad it got and how quickly, but they were also great.
  3. Maxxis Ikon 2.1 at the back or Race King 2.1 at the back. Run Ardent, Ground Control, Nobby Nic 2.3 upfront and you will have the best of everything. Tyre pressure is critical as well and skill.
  4. DM me if you lost your at Hennops.
  5. I just took mine off my bike. It was rubbing against the shock (Trek). Haven't posted it for sale yet. You can have it for R600
  6. If you are set on having Rekon all round.... would rather consider a Rekon on the front and Rekon race at the back.
  7. I've always preferred a narrow rear...
  8. Thats quite a footprint for the back. I typically run a 2.1 at the rear gives more than enough cornering and braking grip for me, and the rear is easier to 'catch' if it goes walk about!
  9. If you are looking for that amount of travel - the Spark is not for you. The Scott Genius or Pyga, Camber, etc is more aligned to what you need.
  10. Tyre opinions are many and varied...! Opinion of one... remember its XC (tyre on the left is REAR and on the right is FRONT) Spez - FastTrack/Ground Control OR GC on both wheels works very well Maxxis - Ikon/Ardent <- personal choice Pirelli - Scorpion 'H'/Scorpion 'S' Vittoria - Saguaro/Barzo or double Barzo Conti - RaceKing/X King Schwalbe - Racing Ralph/Racing Ray or Rocket Ron or even better the Nobby Nic Most have run the above at some point and for XC you wont go wrong. Crossmarks are bulletproof but heavier than most and thats not where you want weight for XC!
  11. Barzo at 2.35 should be very good on the front at the right pressure. I'm keen to try it when my Ardent gives up. You could probably run it at the back as well. From experience on a Mezcal. Its a rear tyre only! and keep far away from any wet muddy tracks. I made the mistake of thinking it would be ok in Sabie in Feb...how wrong I was....lucky to have survived that mud. Great in winter in SA - Mezcal loves dry and hard conditions to roll fast.
  12. My go to weapon https://cyclefactory.co.za/shop/accessories/pumps-co2/floor-pump-ryder-airtank-2-0/
  13. https://www.alpinestars.com/collections/mbk-shorts/products/hyperlite-v3-shorts?variant=31632443015226 If you can find them locally. Get a pair.
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