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Is it just me???


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Why is it that pages load so slowly lately? This seems to have started since the change to the new server. Normally use Firefox, but tried Explorer 8 as well, still just as bad.


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If you with mweb I think it is the cable that they use that runs to portugal is broken so that might be why it is so slow.

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I'm with Windbreaker on this one, also think it's a server issue. Know about the cable problem, but don't have this problem on any other sites except the Hub.

Only started after the changeover of servers.


ADMIN - any comments????


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Hi Guys,




Generally I've noticed that page loads are quicker since we moved the database, however there have been occasional slow loads especially during busy periods.




Page loads have been pretty quick on my side tonight. As the site is hosted on a shared server in the US there will be times we're our response time is affected by other sites on the server hogging resources.




The database move we did last week was really a temporary fix. As we speak I'm testing out a better hosting solution with dedicated server resources which will certainly see a big improvement in page loads.




At the same time I'm testing out new forum software which is far more stable and will see many of the frustrating issues around image uploads, permissions and timeouts disappearing.




In short... yes, there may be times when page loads are slow and this is most likely a server issue. Unfortunately we can't do too much about it right this minute, but we are working furiously to resolve this in the very near future (i.e. within this month).

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Thanks for the response Admin, I generally only get time to look at the Hub at about 1900hrs in the evening, don't know if that is a high load time, but glad to hear that you will be improving matters. Been finding it rather frustrating.




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