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Air9 Carbon Niner

Santa C

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ja, that or the one-one - there seems to be a few carbon clones comming out of the east now - all look similar to the axman frame which looks similar to the niner .......

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The Niner frame will be around 18K...


Geometry is going to be spot on tho...


I would probably still buy an On-One carbon rather tho for the money saved.


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Price for a on one frame?


Just checked rough R9000


Is there any colour on the frame? just see it has a solid black frame on Kiwi's pics?
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  • 2 weeks later...

Nearly there now - two version will be available, the sub 1000 gram and a heavier lay up version. We should be getting the go to order 18" frames any day now, other sizes to follow shortly after, still on target for approx R8800


Demo bike - unpainted at Mountain Mayhem in the UK last weekend:




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