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Italian tests positive for masking agent !!!!!!!!

Hendrik Petoors

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Teeee heeeee this from the Supersport website...... I just HAD to post this one...... just when you thought it was safe this happens!!!!! Teeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!



Italian professional golfer Alessandro Pissilli has failed a drugs test, the Italian Olympic Committee said on Wednesday.

Pissilli, who plays on the Italian pro tour, tested positive for finasteride during the Omnium National Championship near Turin on June 29 after a test was requested by the Italian Golf Federation.

Finasteride, most commonly used in treating hair loss, is not performance-enhancing but is on the banned list because it can be used as a masking agent.

South African great Gary Player shocked the British Open last month when he said unnamed tour golfers were taking performance-enhancing drugs and escaping sanction because the sport does not have dope testing.

The European Tour and the other major international circuits are formulating an anti-doping policy which is planned to come into effect next year.

The Italian Olympic Committee, which acts as the country's anti-doping body, has been on a crusade to clean up sport with athletes from volleyballers to cyclists being brought in for doping hearings.

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Why would the Italian Olympic Committee test a golfer?!  I thought you had to play a sport to get tested!


Silli surname as well
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Easy to check if he is guilty. is he BALD?? Like if Latrinus use it we know he is in sh*t. But, lets say McLean use it we know it is for the hair problem!

OK my wife just called me to bed, wants me to show her something... Maybe she wants to check if Im getting balld.

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