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  1. Surely they know the race dates b4 they go;so schedule should be adjusted accordingly;so they do not suffer jet lag????NNF
  2. This type of incident will always happen if their race is incorporated in a specific group;if it was category racing these women would be racing against men of the same standard and they could be the ones swearing. NNF
  3. Contador was only banned from racing in Italy cos he was "mentioned "in Dr. Fuentes papers--Armstrong was mentioned in another infamous Doping doctors papers and nothing happened to USP,Also i dont care what anyone say about VINO,he is a great and courageous rider who got caught,he will do his time;without any fuss and come back for a couple of years hopefully ;he is sorely missed by many cycling fans.(not like some Americans i can name)VIVA BORAT. NNF.
  4. [i really dont beleive that anyone can say SABC is worthwile or even watchable it is basically TV fodder fed to alot of people with no other choice. DSTV is good ;but it is way overpriced --once again it is a S.A. monopoly and there is no competition;the other compact option is not really worth it ,as the best channels are taken out BBC prime;History Channel ;Discovery Channel;and other sports channels.If you take out a 12 month contract they will only charge for 11 months.Dont waste time on the compact contract you will regret it.DSTV is great for cycling ;most tours are shown.I have had it for 2 months now and have not watched Etv or SABC once since. NNF QUOTE=mbaymike]Not sure how many of the hubbers feel the same way, but, I feel that cycling should be shown more on our normal TV channels.....1,2,3 and ETV. Currently if you don't pay R400 a month for DSTV you don't get to watch any cycling. You only get to read about the big races and so on a month down the line in the Ride or Bicycling. Surely cycling is more popular than 5 years or so ago. I don't have R400 a month to spend on DSTV with 200 channels. If they had the option of only buying the sport and doccie channels every month I would sign up. Surely there are many other peoples who would also only buy those channels. I am not interested in all the bumping and grinding going on on half of the channels. What do you think?
  5. You have my full support i will buy from you ;free trading is the way to go.NNF
  6. Good news a very respected guy;not only in cycling;the man who supposedly caused the damage ;is at home on bail?????it just does not make any sense;surely in this type of case the blood sample can be tested right away(for alcahol or drugs)also it was hit and run,in any other civilised country he would be in prison and sweating. NNF
  7. I think with a shattered pelvis he will be out of action for alot longer than 6 weeks;i hope he does well and gets his bike back;a Pinarello Prince is a great ride.I also did not mention that the woman who hit me tried to drive away;but was stopped by one of the witnesses;there is no difference between a taxi driver and a normal driver here in SA,the only diff . is the taxi driver drives all day so he commits more offences,(this does not apply to proffessional drivers :salesmen ,contractors etc.who are generally very good drivers.) ;they both have the same mentality--no fear of the law "what law" and they have no concern for other road users--basically they are CHANCERS.NNF
  8. The woman who hit me turned right on me when i was going straight at robots ;lights were green for me.She had the audacity to phone me in the hospital to ask how i was u can imagine what i told her;it was then that we worked out the deal about the insurance.I could not walk properley for nearly a year i still cant run;but dont mind as long as i can ride my bike,never ran anyway (only when someone was chasing me te he te he)My payout was 100,000 for that one.Plus any treatment neccessary on the leg for the rest of my life.NNF
  9. Have had 3 claims ;all paid out eventually +- 3 years is usually waiting time if u have a good attorney;if u do litigate urself u have no chance;but they will not cover the bike ;the vehicle drivers insurance should cover that ;if they are insured if not ;big problem.In all three cases i could have laid charges against the motorist ;but did not cos then their insurance would not have paid out.The last time i nearly lost my leg ;i told the driver if i did not get money for the damage from her insurance within 2 weeks i would lay a charge against her(had 4 witnesses)I was paid in 10days R7000.00.I cannot afford to pay that kind of money .NNF
  10. The law in SA is motorists must give way to cyclists and pedestrians;but they dont and they are not bothered cos that woman would be in jail in Belgium;but in SA she is sat at home and calls the hosp to check on the cyclist,s condition (the right thing to do in SA)as far as she is concerned she made a BOO BOO .and can walk away .I have been there 3 times and have never prosecuted the driver cos their insurance then would not pay for damage to my bike,as the driver was at fault; and i could not afford a civil action as the accident fund does not cover the bike.The law regarding this is A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS and as usual protects the wealthy. NNF.
  11. The government does F--ALL to sponsor any sport in this country.It is a disgrace.NNF
  12. So people are complaining about a wheelsucking in the "C" bunch from a 5' nothing girl with an attitude;get real wheel sucking is endemic in PPA races;great stuff Kelly you have the guts to ride in that group to improve your racing;if riding with masters and other girls was not working out.This proves that cat riding should be re-introduced in SA as it is in all other countries--UK--USA---Europe;only provincial and national champs should be age group.BUT will the PRIMA DONNA sub and vets accept this .they wont win anymore ;"but will be better riders at the end of the day" NNF No Name Funrider2007-10-29 12:36:42
  13. Great stuff Mrs Zille ; but get the rates right please.NNF
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