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Expensive races - the consensus and possible action

Pierre GlobalSp

Transparency of entry fees  

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  1. 1. There should be more transparency in what entry fees are used for.

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    • Disagree
  2. 2. Would you like to know what the CSA licensing fee is used for? (Depending on the response I will follow this up)

    • Yes
    • No

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The consensus on this topic seems to be such;


- Most people feel that the rise in costs are affecting their choice of races

- But most will still enter at least some races


- Almost everyone says that they don't mind paying if it's justified

- We all agree that races are expensive to run (I have organised some myself and it is!)

- But nobody can say what the justification for CSA licensing is?



- Races are still full which indicates that demand still lives

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My personal response;


- I will now enter the race as others have made fair argument for its relative worth

- I will only pick 2 or 3 a year to enter


- I strongly feel that this argument of "people pay therefore it's ok" is flawed. Race capacity and racing places are limited and therefore demand is always likely to exceed supply. This naturally pushes up prices resulting in the sport being dominated by the rich. I have nothing wrong with people being rich! But are we going to allow a sport to exclude so many people that would like to get into it? I was inspired to get into cycling using my pocket money as a school kid. There is no way I could do that now! I fear that if we just stand aside and let the markets decide sport, that sport will never flourish.

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I learnt the other day that it sometimes is nice to know where the entry fees are going. Often it is into someone's pocket unfortunately (thus not really benefitting the sport, but people have a right to make a living.)


The other day I actually asked an event organiser where the money was going...and the response was that the race was funding a new BMX racing track in the community (where at present there is none). Awesome that there are those that are looking out for the good of the sport of cycling as a whole. So I am waiting to see this new track, as apparently all the legal tape is finally being cleared up, due to municipal land being used.

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Enter a running and race and look at the number of entries. For R180 at the most I can enter 3people for a 2 + hour run with water points every 3km. Just as many if not more officials and traffis officers. Cycling is not being killed by the rediculous pricing of races it is dying off naturally.

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hahaha. DHers durnig the current WC series pay R250 per race! but it includes shuttles over the sat prac day, as well as pre race prac on race day. marshals at intervals along the track to keep the spectators from becoming roadkill, ambluance and standby for both days, truck hire for the shuttles etc, and oh a profit for the organisers. Some make alivign off this. It was just a pity, that when i heard mongoose was coming aboard as a major sponsor, amongst other lesser sponsors, the entry fee didnt drop one single dime. I would have loved to hear the rationale for that. so i've voted for more transparency.

No goodie bag, no watering hole, no bike wash. and no damn COW BELLS! NEED MOOOAR COWBELL!! wtf. the lack of stoke from the spectators is bizarre..but that's another story ...

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Guest Anon(yMous)

It is a free market. Organisers sets the price, you enter if you can make it (physically being there, and financially being able to reach). Very easy principal.


If cycling (which is an expensive sport - but most probably less than what an avid wannabe-amateur golfer spends) is too expensive, consider taking up road running. The sheer numbers of possible participants, the low expectations of the participants (Just need a properly marked stretch of road, water and maybe Coke - NO GOODIE BAGS!) and the fact that the races are mostly organised by clubs, and not to actually turn a huge profit helps to keep the costs down.


Bottom line: If you cannot afford the big races rather enter for those organised by the local clubs and even provinces. Toyi-toying will not help you much, as you need bra Julius' support for that to have any effect!


Also remember that most running events (except the biggies - Comrades, Two Oceans etc) use manual timing, with results only being posted about two weeks after the event... No seeding runs, no central databases for that... just a new 'lappie' every year and a huge volunteer group via the clubs organising, hosting, and cleaning up all for free, gratis and mahala.


Yeah, I've picked up water sachets after participating in a club race - one of the more popular 10km Valentine nite races in Jhb! How many cyclists will be willing o do that to keep costs down?



Oh and Central Gauteng Athletics and Athletics South Africa also have licensing fees, but I accept that I will not see a cent of that being returned to me in whatever way. I see it as a way to help the sport - facilities somewhere / developing and nurturing new talent.

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