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Post office tracking - Help please


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I have a package from CRC on the way and need to get the local poskantoor tracking number on my Parcelforce delivery.


I know there is a number to call which gets you to the very helpful Tannie at the ORT depot who will tell you exactly where it is, but I have lost it when the Hub changed its hosting.


Help please

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try any of these but good luck getting thru


clearing office tel number





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Guest Big H

Contact Ben at the details below:-


Ben Blignaut

Customer Service Consultant

Share Call = 0860 111 502

Fax = 086 558 8623

E-mail = blignab@sapo.co.za



He has always been quick efficient and curteous when I enquired about chopper and bicycles spares I get from abroad.

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Thanks to all who helped, I called, got told that the box had just left the depot and picked it up at post office as it arrived two hours later.


Much appreciated

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