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  1. That doesn't mean that the Sunday Times must print your letter just because they have letters page, and if they don't they are acting illegally.. I suspect it means that were the Sunday Times to choose to publish your letter, it cannot be precluded by the state in doing so. I think it also means that within the bounds of the law you are free to start up your own website, make your own rules and impart your own information and ideas without state intervention.
  2. Great fun. Ride as hard as you can in the front group and when you get to Riviersonderend abandon them and have a few little apple, chicken and every other flavour pie and take it easy on the way back. Enjoy your free beer and buy 3 more. Have a lekker lunch and an afternoon kip....
  3. Easy. I only ride roadraces if there are no cars on the road; so except for 947 (which runs a block from my house) CTCT, Greyton Pie Run and K2C it is.
  4. Amateur. If you pump it hard enough you can get it over the ceiling.....
  5. Does anyone know how many missed the cut-off yesterday? With 5 mins to go there were about 30 still out on the course..
  6. I can think of two famous ones, one built roads the other built excellent wheels....
  7. Alone is not a problem. Park at Kobus se gat at the start of the pass on the Oudtshoorn side, ride to Prince Albert, have breakfast (or lunch) and ride back to your car.
  8. I had to miss it, will watch it all on GCN+ tonight !
  9. The fraud charge and the AOD are two different things, serve different purposes and have different outcomes. They are complimentary and not mutually exclusive. The AOD is for the guy to recover the money Tuan swindled him out of. The fraud charge is for the crook to go to jail.
  10. And here I was thinking you wanted a rack to carry your Mini on the back of your e-bike....
  11. If that was your Worst customer experience EVER, you have lived a privileged and sheltered life.
  12. Not just events. I tried to quickly buy two 26" tyres I had promised my garden worker from the CycleLab as I was passing and had 5 minutes to spare. Nope, can't pay unless I give them my name, cell phone number and email. I was about to leave when someone was called to override the system. Last time they see me.
  13. Meh. I buy a bike every so often and have never done so because the shop has an active twitter or Facebook account. I occasionally buy consumables and spares for upgrade online and typically wizz through the local and foreign websites I am comfortable with - ironically I avoid CycleLab despite them having an active social media presence. But I use and support my two local bikeshops, neither who spend money on SEO or digital marketing, but both have proper workshops and excellent mechanics. I support both because I want them to stay in business and am prepared to pay a premium on spares etc. to ensure they do. For me, no amount of marketing will change my custom away from Tom or Grant as I know and trust their technical ability and they have always treated my and my bikes well. Substance over form.
  14. Ah, but it didn't help a guy I knew at school who was so worried that he'd forget his bike that he put it on the roof in the garage the night before......
  15. I'm not. I wanted to be a porn star, passed the theory but failed the oral. They said I had too many short comings... Apologies, different Eddy😅
  16. According to Hub rules, you can't give someone a poor buyers rating under the conditions you state. You can only do so when you have an agreed sale and the transaction does not go smoothly. A guy browsing owes you nothing and is not a buyer for the purposes of giving a rating
  17. The standard and trusted answer from those in the know on the Hub was Dr W Basson in Durbanville.
  18. You know that the sin is not in the taking but in the getting caught...😉
  19. It seems she passed the standard test but got bust by a new, more specific test. Expect more "clean" athletes to get pinged. ps. I see one of the UK silver medalists in the 4x100 tested positive. His mates must be happy with him as they hand their medals back.
  20. I want to get rid of this Planet Ocean, box etc. Where would be the best place to advertise it ?
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