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Hello There!


Total newbie here...Just bought a Scott Aspect 30 on Sunday. All shiny and stuff... I really like it so far (ok, only after 3 days might be too soon to tell) but just wander if it was the best option out of the following list. Itself, the Felt Q620 and the Mongoose Tyax.


I think the Felt and the Scott are fairly similar in price (about R5500 - R6000) but the Mongoose was going for R4500. The guys at Sportmans Warehouse were fairly clueless so I didn't really want to buy a bike there. The guys who sold me the Scott said that you can't really compare Scott and Felt? Is that true? Is the Scott that much better than the Felt?

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Dude, that price bracket is pretty competetive so most of the bikes are good value.


But rather just ride and enjoy, you've got little to gain out of this discussion.

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Must agree with shebeen, you bought it already so go out and enjoy it :)


Whatever anyone says won't matter now B)

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