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CSA lies again!!!


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You make-up your own minds - Kinda simple ...


Posted on CSA Website -

There has been speculation of improprieties in the selection procedure of the ladies team to represent South Africa at the World Championships in Stuttgart. Cycling SA has satisfied itself that the processes leading up to the selection were indeed correctly adhered to and reaffirm its support for the original team as selected.
As part of the ongoing process of improving all systems and procedures within Cycling SA, we are ensuring that constant reviews are undertaken in order that we remain compliant with a selection process that is both fair and transparent. Our thanks and gratitude are extended to the selectors involved for the time, effort and commitment shown.


Minutes from 1 General meeting to discuss issues in SA women's cycling - Ref to RED text for relevant parts



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<?:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Charles FreemeonName> as spokesman,  welcomes all present and proceeds to read a letter from David Bellairs concerning representation of CSA and the issues facing ladies cycling in South Africaon>

It is clear that we have huge problems and that solutions need to be found.


To kick off, Marilyn  Rossouw feels that it was unjust that Ron?l van Wyk was omitted from the final selection of 4 riders chosen for the elite ladies team to Worlds. A questions  was raised  concerning the selection of  6  riders ,,, and why SA were only sending 4.


Lisa Vermaak  stated that it should be the best riders in the team and that by default the SA Champ should represent her country. SA Championships should be ridden more aggressively and taken into account when selecting teams .


Charles  Freeme gives an overview of the total selection process and reads the documents  as given on the CSA website, written by the President concerning the roles and responsibilities as well as the criteria set out for selection process.  The selectors being; Erica Green. Alex Cooper and Glen Lottering with Erica as convener.  A Selectors commission consisting of Tony HardingonName> , Erica Green and  Elrick Kulsen  was also given forward.  Interaction between all the parties needed to happen with the final sign off by the President of CSA on Selection.  No meeting has taken place between the parties, and in fact the email address of Glenn Lottering was the cause of not being part of the process.   Documents from COO concerning time frames and implementation dates for the process,, was given  which would be published on the official website by latest 01 September 2007.  A  meeting scheduled  with CSA on Friday 31 August 2007 were the process and the  budget will  be discussed with Sylvia Dale. Care must be taken to ensure the road to Beijing and that the best rider gets selected for the appropriate events.


Charles states that answers were still outstanding from CSA and in particular Carinus LemmeronName> on issues pertaining to World B champs, and the selection thereof.  Numerous mails have been sent to COO concerning ladies cycling across the board , relating to selection processes and time frames.


A major concern was raised that the selectors are not present at the major races. John Robinson feels that the riders on the international circuit also get excluded. Bart HarmseonName> explains that it is difficult to compare their performance as the selectors never see them race.  It was noted that the selectors had only attended one or two races throughout the year and that riders were being evaluated on paper,, and not on performance in  the races themselves.


Erica Green  expresses her love for the sport and that she didn?t ask for the present situation. She doesn?t want all the responsibility and that it was impossible for one person to do the job. The current set-up is not working and that maybe we should look at hiring permanent staff.


Bart  Harmse blames the Provincial structures for the mess in cycling and that we shouldn?t blame the selectors. At congress the Provinces should nominate and vote for the right people. John  Robertson remarks that nobody wants to accept accountability and how do we move forward from here.


Andrew McLean remarks that because the Provinces didn?t stand together all cycling gets run by Cape Town. Everything happens in Jo?burg  but the selectors don?t attend because they are too far away. We must find a solution to carry forward and if Carinus  Lemmer is too busy we should go to CSA with a solution. We must get more people like Erica Green  involved that have an interest in the sport and, they must be willing.


Roy?s proposal is that the people following the races should select the team choosing according to present form and we would have to trust John with the overseas riders.


Charles asks for possible solutions and that all parties would need to work together to make it happen. The Team managers are all aware of the riders status and can give honest  opinions on the riders  performance  that are in the TEAMS and that participated in a particular race. 


A white paper draft was drawn up  as a starting point for further development by all parties .


That we divide into 2 seasons, January to June and August to November.

Overseas riders to be considered for the squad

The wearing of green and yellow armbands.? or similar identification of such riders

S.A.on> selection twice annually and chosen out of the squad of 10 riders ,

Make use of selection races eg: Argus, Tour D?urban and 94.7 etc.

Ladies to sometimes ride with the 40+ men.

Out of town riders would have to race in Gauteng.

Upcoming riders- (not in the squad)   will be identified on performance and invited to camps etc.. based on merit

Training camps and development work amongst riders in the squad.?from National level


Suggestions for a selection panel are the following:-


1.      The race commissioner. In this case Ansie de Jager.

2.      The team managers to be able to put forward a team.

3.      An outsider but that must attend all races.


John also suggests that our S.A. Championships be moved to March to tie up with the international seasons.

Bart reminds us that the dates are put forward by the Provinces and not CSA. 

Hendrik  Wagener stated that it would be impossible to hold Championships before the end of March as there were just too many tours taking place. John and most present felt that S.A.s should take preference. Andrew agrees that it should be our premium event which should be strategically positioned on the racing calendar and also to where it takes place. With it being held in East London  next year we can expect maybe half the amount of entries.


Marilyn suggests that a calendar be drawn up in January each year with all strategic dates such as Continentals, Worlds and Tours which would ensure that late announcements of teams be prevented. Even the vet?s should be announces as soon as possible after S.A.s. Lisa Vermaak also expressed her disappointment that there is no financial assistance for Vets representing SA at the  world event..


David made a suggestion that a riders union or association should be formed that will look after the interest of ladies cycling in South Africaon>.

Andrew  : No body for cyclists to voice themselves. Take control, run it and sort things out. Show how it should be done.

Hendrik  Wagener stated that both himself and Ansie deJager  serve on the ladies commission but were not allowed to ask questions, or give any inputs into selection.

The squad of 8 riders chosen by the selectors ,, one  cyclist had already hung up her bike 2 months ago, and was not riding on the national circuit..


Charles says that riders should get involved in the process and that people, should pledge their time and experience, to get the job done . Roy suggests that we start with the managers and the registered teams.


Erica proposed the following:

That we make use of National squads.

Increase our pool of younger riders.

Have courses and training camps.

Have feeder teams for the pro-teams.

Coaching programs for pro-teams.


There is no current criteria for the selection of teams, the team to worlds was based on International results, as well as a summary of 2005-2006 results supplied by Alex Cooper with a preference  to younger riders.

Bart HarmseonName> said that there should be more involvement with the riders seeing that 2 withdrew from the team shortly after it was announced.

John would like to know why only 4 ladies were selected when we can send a team of 6 riders.   Erica answered by saying that she never knew we could send 6 riders ,, no answer was tendered by Bart HarmseonName> .. Theo comments on the lack of communication and asks if anything was communicated to the managers and teams.  No communication was done through this network.


Andrew: It is obvious that we have the wrong people selecting teams. The managers are the only people that really see what goes on and should be able to select the teams together.


Charles: It is clear that there is a lack of understanding and that the selectors do not know on what level of performance each rider is currently at . This was evident in the fact that two riders had pulled out of the TEAM as a result of not being at their best form.


Roy suggests that  a spokesman be appointed for Ladies cycling to voice all the concerns and to drive the process to a higher level,, ie ? representation of the TEAMS and the riders . The fighting of equality and recognition. The meeting appointed  Charles  Freeme  who in turn accepted the responsibility for the interim .


Bart reminds us that a squad also has to be selected for Continental Championships.


John and Theo both feel that we should send a full team to worlds of 6 riders  Bart will meet with CSA for a go ahead.  Bart assured the meeting that we would have an answer by close business 30 August 2007 as to whether it would be possible .


Andrew warns that we are putting huge pressure on the ladies that will now be selected for Worlds and that it is unfair to the cyclists as people will really be looking for results.



Bart HarmseonName>  suggests that instead of proceeding with a vote of no confidence in the selectors that we give them the chance to rather step down. Erica  Green indicated that she will step down, with immediate effect . .


 Charles asked the remaining squad riders that did not make the selection , if they would be available ,, is so re elected ..  Ron?l van Wyk preferred not to comment. John says that Arien Torsius has been training specifically for Worlds. Robyn de Groot wasn?t present. Lynette Burger and Lizanne Naud? said that they were available.


Charles thanks all for their time and input. The meeting is closed at 20H05.

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Dont think its moaning so much as backing up Erica's apology and question the CSA statement that all was rosey.

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Its simple, if there's something on TV i dont like i change the channel. If there's something i dont like on the Hub i dont read it.

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Its simple' date=' if there's something on TV i dont like i change the channel. If there's something i dont like on the Hub i dont read it. [/quote']


That is why I said.....if i SEE a post....not even reading it.....i wanna puke....Dead
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D P  is David, Lynette Burgers boyfriend, must be slightly peeved that she did not get re selected.

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as long as the CSA is run by volunteers who give up their free time with no financial compenasation the current situation will prevail. will Froome now attend classic and follow the womens race?

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And you knew you wouldn't like it even before you saw it obviously? Let's not get technical...


Why don't you ask Admin to create a seperate Forum heading called "CSA" where everyone who wants to moan and bitch at them can do so at leisure??
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Its simple' date=' if there's something on TV i dont like i change the channel. If there's something i dont like on the Hub i dont read it. [/quote']


That is why I said.....if i SEE a post....not even reading it.....i wanna puke....Dead


Say no more...
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