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The great Rock and roll MTB swindle


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Are you willing to think outside the box and to live outside the box?

If so, then we have got a challenge for you!


We are looking for the perfect candidate to step up for the ultimate adventure, a once in a lifetime opportunity to live your dream, for a year, for FREE.


Are you this person? Can you convince us? …It's simple:

Here are the rules, which are more like guidelines (feel free to swindle!)


First, prove what a great Swindler you are. Have you got what it takes to land your bum in the butter wherever you go, will you leave each place with great stories and new friends and can you turn those experiences into great content for magazine readers? Be original, embellish, create, elaborate and show us why we should pay for you to go around the country on your dream adventure.


Second, design your ultimate race/ride itinerary and explain your motivation. Explain it like you're trying to convince a friend to come along. Sell it to us. Keep it simple and let us see the inner swindler in you.


We will sort through the entries and choose 10 finalists who will be put to several tasks of creating story photo-essay / movie, and the most entertaining and artistic entrant will be packing their bags armed with a fleet of mtbs, the finest gear from our suppliers, a netbook, plus a few other items essential to documenting this once-in-a-lifetime trip. The winner will be connected to our global network of mtb family and friends, and will be provided with an opportunity to earn cash by writing for magazine and website for an entire year.



ok, I swindled this from the bombsurf


but I think it'll work even better for our local mtb scene. Imagine riding every frikken stage race, big hype race, kerkbazaar, decent trail. Try some testbikes that the suppliers will surely throw at you. Meet all the local legends across our land and generate a following the whole way? Maybe even gooi in a eurotrip halfway if it's going well and funds are looking good.


If I ran a bike mag I'd be doing this.

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i guess everyone's just making their plans carefully - don't want to submit something with typo's otherwise you're not gonna pick them!


now if you'd pick *me* as your representative, i'd load my bike with panniers and start from capetown, let's say in august when that wind finally died down. would possibly make for pretty flowers as well.cycle up the west coast. meet up with hagar and let him show me all the pretty singletrack there. possibly detour to aurora cos i heard there's a pretty mountain. leave the panniers at the B&B and go play on the singletrack there. load panniers up again and cycle up past elandsbay, lamberts bay, doringbay, strandfontein up toe that river - papendorp? maybe there's a hubber in that area who want to cycle with for a day or 2, or show me all the best singeltracks.

then head inland to vredendal, and up to calvinia. then down over botterkloof pass, wuppertal, cederberg. possibly leave the panniers at the campsite and go play a bit. possibly for more than 1 day. pick them up again, and continue to ceres. then back to capetown. or maybe - while i'm sponsored and would have no leave restrictions - continue to george. meeting up with hubbers along the way. pass robertson and montagu, possibly staying over in montagu and play on the rocks before continuing north. or any direction really.


so, could i go tell my boss i won't be in the office for a year?

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Guest Frail4Life

I am guessing you have never heard of Dave the Frail, Oh he is off again. So difficult to have a word with that man. We will try and catch up with him and get back to you.


Off cycling somewhere in the Cape.

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  • 3 weeks later...

*** idea then?

Hay Shebeen!

Did you get any responses to this totally outrageous idea??

Just asking, because I would give my left nut to go on an adventure like this :blink: . I have actually secretly been planning and plotting to try and figure out how I would be able to pull off such a stunt.


I think I'm gonna PM you just to make sure you get this....

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