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Rohloff hub


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A while ago I posted a thread asking about geared hubs etc. After lots of reading and research I did buy a Rohloff hub with my recently concluded "alaska" trip in mind. (some pictures from this trip on the "photo's" section) I've done a lot of riding in the remote wilderness over there, so I guess I have used it long and hard enough to post a review. Seeing that I'm impressed by the product I'll start with the Pro's, but there are cons too...


I traveled mostly by bike, taking some legs in trains and boats also. I did close to 1300km by bike loaded with full camping kit, food and rain gear. Lots of riding was in rain and mud, at one time going for 800km without being able to wash my bike even once. The only maintenance that I did for an entire month was to lube my chain every morning before riding off.


As promised by all the reviews, I didn't have any mechanical issues whatsoever and the gearing was flawless throughout the entire trip. The running costs on the bike are so low now that it is literally comparable to my tiagra groupset road bike, despite being a dual-sus MTB.


The hub (not the .co.za one) is expensive and does make your bike marginally slower and heavier, but for me the "worry free" riding and not having to set deraileurs, change cables and breaking chains is a definite thumbs up. If I had to make the choice again, I certainly would buy this product again.

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Um, we're going to need a ride report. I did a bit of touring in those parts, vancouver to dawson city on a $55 bike.good times in bear country!


As for a rohloff hub performing flawlessly, well that's what we expect to read!

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Awesome that we finally have a Hubber with 1st hand experience of the Rohloff...


So come on - don't leave us hanging - what were the cons?

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posted some pics on a thread a while back just after I bought it, see the attached link!




The other stuff:


Where did I buy it: Bruce Reynecke, it's quite important to order the right stuff if you've got a dual-sus, cause different frames require different axle plates etc. so unless you want to spend lots of time researching, I would just go local and they're the only distributors.


Model: I've got the Disc brake version, with a chain tensioner and OEM2 axle plate. The reason for the chain tensioner is because the distance between the crank and rear sprocket changes on a duel-sus bike.


Colour: RED!!!


Price: R14000 -installed


Cons: only the weight, and that's really not that bad - still loving it!!

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