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how much milega on drivetrain?

George Nel

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Hi guys,

Some general knowledge I would like some info on:

First,this is my scenario and how I often I do maintenance and cleaning:

After every ride I wash my bike,clean the chain with chain cleaner and then lube it with wax based lube.

I lube all the moving parts on FD and RD+cables ect...

I never ride cross chain,always try and keep the chain in a straight as possible line.

I'm from the Karoo,so it's always dusty,but hardly wet and muddy.


How much km can I get out of a chain?

How much out of cassette?



Shifters ect...


Thanks guys

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Road or MTB?


MTB every 2000 km or so. If you change the chain before it's too worn, you cassette will last you many years. My Deore cassette has 13 000 km on. Ditto for chainrings. Rode mostly in dusty conditions. Runs 9 spd system.


No need to replace RD and FD unless damaged. Shifters same thing.


For road, I replace every 5000 km. Running Campag 10spd. I've never replaced the cassette or chairings and they covered ± 30 000 km to date.

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