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Shova Entry Stuff-up


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So I am doing my tenth Shova this year. The wife decides to ride the Baby-Shova (thats the 38km ride). I entered using the mtncycling website. All is well :angry: HA....


I do not get a seeding mail, check and find that I am not entered. Despite the website entry portal accepting entry fees for both myself and my wife, it lists me as entry incomplete.


I do the phone and email thing, and yes, I can enter, we can sort it all out on 15/16 October. For some reason the event organisers are unable or unwilling to facilitate entry/seeding changes during the next FOUR WEEKS, :angry:


Surely as the event organiser things like this can be sorted out before registration? Surely the entry portal must warn of incomplete entry details (especially after accepting full payment) I am just completely flumoxed by the care less attitude. This will be my last Shova, quite sad as I rate it higher than the Argus, :angry: :angry:

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Have you spoken to Annie or Melissa? They have always been extremely heplful to me. Phone them directly. I know they will help you. I also rate shova above argus. Lickliy I'm sponsered for races so never have to worry about things like this.

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Jeez that is bull****. I hate doing the email thing though. I awlways pick up a phone and talk to someone. But mtn is super slack for what happened aswell.

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