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xterra maui


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Conrad Stoltz obliterated the field on the bike, he put 6 mins on the closest guy(and the whole pack basically)


4th world title for him.

here's the Xterra official report



for the tech minded here is some interesting stats:

I spoke shortly with Conrad’s coach Ian Rodger. Ian and Conrad worked very closely throughout the whole year, analyzing every single watt of each workout. Ian’s estimate is that Conrad pushed close to 6 watt/kg average through the entire bike (including flats and downhills and technicals).


Keep in mind that Ivan Basso was estimated to push the same power for 20-30mins on Zoncolan which helped his Giro d’Italia win (and that was only an uphill road making it easier to maintain high average power).


This is an assumption, we do not have data from Conrad nor Basso.



from here


in the rest of the field, it seems Dan hugo messed up somewhere on the bike leg with over 30minutes behind, maybe a mechanical?


Raoul De Jongh (aka the urban ninja)came 46th, and 4th in the 30-34 category

He also came 3rd in the amateurs for the double (ironman + xterra)



Michael Keith came 56th and WON the 15-19 cat.. His dad is William the greenbikeshop owner in somerset west.


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Awesome stuff Conrad :clap:


I dont know Conrad personaly but there is something about him that inspires me.


I hope he writes a book one day, "The world according to Conrad the Caveman"

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Watch that youngster Michael Keith. That's a great achievement. Well done to all the Saffers!

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Well done to the caveman, and bad luck Dan.

Conrad rocks, absolutely love his food philosophy. something along the lines of "If it grows; eat it" apparently he is not afraid of a monster steak. just will not touch anything that has been processed or preserved.

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Guest agteros

And his GF was the first female amateur!



"In the women’s amateur division, Amber Monforte of Reno, Nev., turned a “warm up” into a victory.Monforte entered the XTERRA World Championship as a form of preparation for the Ultraman World Championships – a three-day, 320-mile event.


“I had no expectations going in,” said Monforte, who is 32 and works as a nurse. “I did Ironman two weeks and then did this as part of my training for Ultraman. I went as hard as I could because I didn’t know how I would feel after Ironman, but it went really well.”


Monforte finished with a time of 3:18:52, which was more than nine minutes ahead of the next female amateur. Bettina Uhlig of Germany was the second female amateur at 3:27:55.


Monforte also had some distractions along the course. She is the girlfriend of Conrad Stoltz, who finished first among the pros, thus becoming the first four-time champion of the XTERRA World Championship.


Monforte said she asked volunteers for updates on Stoltz throughout the course, and was two miles into her run when she was told that Stoltz’s victory was official.


“The funny thing is all the reaction I get,” Monforte said. “Somebody said Conrad’s doing great, but the next person will say ‘Who’s Conrad?’ … When somebody told me Conrad won by about five minutes, it made my day.”


Monforte also won the women’s amateur title for the Hawaiian Airlines Double as the top overall performer from the Ironman and XTERRA world championships. Thomas Vonach of Austria was the top male amateur for the Hawaiian Airlines Double. Monforte and Vonach each received roundtrip tickets for two between the U.S. and Maui from Hawaiian Airlines."



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Well done Caveman - unlucky Dan!


The lads are doing us proud!


I look up to both of them - not only because they are taller than me!

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