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Vegetarian cyclists


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Any vegetarian cyclists? Just wondering if the lack of meat would affect your athletic performance?

Do you take any additional supplements?


I am not trying to start any argument meat eaters vs non!

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If you really cared about animals you wouldn't be eating their food! :lol:


Uhm, yes, nothing constructive to add. free bump?

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Not a vegetarian, but can give some tips.


Make sure you get enough protein. No definite rule, but some say 1.5g per kg bodyweight per day.


Anyway, include nuts, eggs(if allowed), soy, dairy products(if allowed), quinoa, tofu etc in your diet.


Iron is important for endurance athletes and mostly found in red meat. Eggs also contain a fair ammount.


To your first question, not eating meat won't affect your performance, except if the rest of us were eating spanish steak :rolleyes:

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Vegetarians have to eat more, the double of what non-veg people have. In order to build stamina eat foods which are rich in fiber. Stewie 911 has also listed the right foods for you and the best still would be to visit a dietitian. Sportsmen and athletes also take supplements since they need extra strength. I'm also not a vegetarian but I'd love to become one someday.

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