Kogel Bearings Products

Ceramic Bottom Brackets:

Each Kogel Bottom Bracket is specifically engineered to frame and crank standards with designs that do not require any shims, adaptors or countless spacers. The range of BB’s provide intricately machined,  high tolerance alloy cups, covering all the main BB standards. They all feature ceramic bearings running on hardened alloy races, with the option of Road or Cross/All Weather seals to cater for all conditions and rider requirements. Based on availability, most of Kogel’s BB’s can also be purchased in a variety of colours, including Gold, Red and Blue.

BB86_92 .png

BSA BB.png

Pulley Wheels:

7075 Aluminium Kogel pulley wheels with sealed ceramic bearings to fit most current group-set systems. They were designed for high performance, low friction and with bomb proof stiffness for accurate shifting. Oversized pulley options can be purchased with Road, Cross/All Weather and Full
Ceramic bearing setups.

Kogel’s Oversized pulleys are available in three set-ups:

  • 12/12T Oversized – The upper and lower pulleys consist of 12 teeth and are compatible with all modern Shimano 11 speed and SRAM Etap and Campagnolo 12 speed derailleur standards.
  • 12/14T Oversized – The Upper pulley consists of 12 teeth and the Lower 14 teeth. These are compatible with Shimano 105 R7000, Ultegra R8000 and DuraAce 9100. 
  • 14/14T Oversized – 14T Upper and 14T lower. Designed for the SRAM Eagle and Shimano 12 speed mountain bike derailleurs. These pulleys maximize the tooth count to reduce friction. These are only available with Cross seals.

14_14T 12spd MTB Pulleys.jpg

Pulley_s Cross Seals.jpg

Kolossos Oversized Derailleur Cage:

It is the combination of the pulleys and detailed machined cage which makes the Kolossos the game changer it is. Large derailleur pulleys reduce chain deflection and slow the rotation of the pulley wheel bearings. Both of these factors lead to decreased friction and a more efficient power transfer throughout the drivetrain. The, machined, Kolossos cage plays it’s roll by increasing stiffness and therefore increasing the chain retention, further increasing drivetrain efficiency and improving your shifting.  The Kogel Kolossos will not restrict your adventures as it is designed for both road and off-road use. 

Kolossos 1.png

Kolossos 2.png

Wheel Bearings:

Kogel offers a large range of wheel bearings to suit almost every wheel setup. All wheel bearing sizes are available in Road or Cross seals. All are fully serviceable cartridge style ceramic bearings running on a hardened alloy race.

Wheel Bearings.jpg

Ti-Bolts & Preload Adjusters:

New to Kogel’s range in 2021 are their ti-bolts and crank preload adjusters. Ti-bolts are available for your stem face plate, bottle cages and disc rotors. These and the crank preload adjusters are all offered in a range of colours allowing riders to personalize their builds to match their style.

Ti Bolts.jpg

Crank Preload Adjuster.jpg

To find out more about ROAM Sports’s products including Kogel Bearing and the All Mountain Project disc brake pads visit www.roamsports.co.za.