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  1. Nope Craig and Andrew are well ahead of the ladies... They have caught and passed them every day so far. They are killing it!
  2. Water points are stocked with the usual goods however everything is separately packed in paper cups... So if you want potatoes (my go2 at WPs), you pick up your own cup or 2 and toss in bin when you done. Same story with bread, sweets, dates and so on. If you want bottles filled, you must open it and they pour. They won't take bottle from you. USN stuff are all sealed.
  3. Rain is canceled due to covid 🥺
  4. Saw insects science guys swap out components on route to allow the first team to carry on... Quite saw you cannot swap out bikes as timing board is personal.
  5. 2016 was the 1 other epic I've done. Remember the descend from that year. Seems in very similar state. Rode it back then on a HT 🙃
  6. Wagon trail is completely rideable. Very very technical in places. Don't think anything has changed on that trail in last few years. Killed me more than the climb to the top to be very honest.
  7. Yeah they sat in mid A group not interested in setting pace from the gun. Seemed strange. Stopped twice (for nature call) before pulling off just after technical terrain climb. Hats off to Craig and Andrew for taking their opportunity and smashing the rest of the masters field.
  8. Interesting the "legends" aren't riding UCI cat? They literally tore the A group to shreds within 10kms
  9. Thanks bud. Today was a tough start. We know the Eselfontein trails well and knew it was going to be hard work. Fortunately the Temps are still mild for now. Vibe at the village obviously is very mellow with restrictions and so on. Dinner was strange last night with podiums and course previews replayed on TV screens around the marquee. Tomorrow is another long day.
  10. Ed zakery... That Scott teams are not just top10 team. Spez have it all to prove.
  11. babse

    Durbie Dash 2021

    Hectic... Proper balls up by the sounds of it
  12. Saw them at registration, seems he ended up with Craig Boyes
  13. some serious okes pitched up in 1A apparently... (even heard savage pinched his tube as he went sailing out the back)
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