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  1. R 400 at registration. I think online subs are clsoed.
  2. as much as i love racing bikes... this is getting ridicuous and absolutly not worth it especially when you feel like the okes in charge have the least clue on whats going on!
  3. My lapped neutral zone. Nice meet and greet for the peloton 🥱
  4. Sorry to hear about the stolen bike. I hope you are able to get a loaner and still salvage the ride.
  5. babse

    Finish Time

    the irony of referencing these ages... 2024 and they are really making this live timing system seem like rocket science
  6. Not indicated on racetec?
  7. Substitute rider to contact them to resolve... I had the same issue and was resolved in 5 mins. I was actually directed to normal entry portal (still able to enter and pay normal entry fee) and no option to enter released entery details. resolved and entered!
  8. Yeah rather them than me 😂 Great to see entries have filled up. The sports needs these events. I have to agree on that it is probably the toughest ride for its distance. Should be a cracker!
  9. From my side, It did seems the stop came very quickly and I felt the bike mashalls had us controlled up until then. I tried my best staying closer to the front half of the bunch and white line crossing seemed minimal. @Bankie99 seemed to be in conversation with said commissaire on the road and may be able to shed some more light!? (sorry for bringing you in here)
  10. at the time we were stopped the hammer was fully down and the gap was closing quickly... we had you okes in sight. Obvsiously the stop had quite a few guys (mainly teams that missed the break and worked in closing the gap) disgruntled for this may have been caused by a few guys and to punish the entire group and ultimately affect the race outcome, was unfair. The chase was ultimately down to 3 of bigger teams going full gas together. I do believe said privateers were always going to be up there in a mass finish.
  11. once seeding out, entries will appear for sale 🙃
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