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  1. Unfortunately, he hasn't stopped... I have been looking for a watch to replace my old Fenix 3 and keep coming across his ads.
  2. On the subject of E-bikes, the winners of the ladies 50+ racing category and the men's 65+ racing category (2nd in VG), were both on E-bikes, despite the rules of the event specifically stating that E-bikes are not allowed in the racing categories. The idiot in VG even took to the podium to receive his prize money, and didn't think he had done anything wrong. The lady at least didn't pitch for her podium presentation, but made the lady in 2nd place wait over two hours for the podium photo. To have this level of entitlement completely boggles my mind. I'm looking for a new E-bike so that I can go and win the Elite race next year and claim the large amount of prize money...
  3. Are you sure about this? Last year you had to have both - the faces board was your timing chip and the other was just a number board.
  4. Wasn't Brexit meant to fix all of the UK problems? That's why the vote was won...
  5. Benky finished last night - very impressive riding once again! Still a long way to go for the rest of the riders. The high temperatures are certainly making it challenging!
  6. Benky is absolutely flying! Based on his current daily mileage, it appears that he will be completing the course tomorrow. That will be just over 7 days to cover the 2700km!
  7. Thankfully, my seeding is correct. For the reseeding, it appears the process is running smoothly, based on a few people that I know that have requested reseeding.
  8. Benky has already taken a commanding lead! As you quite rightly said @Dusty, it's a long race! I will be dot watching over the next week!
  9. I see Patty is also still selling watches on FB Marketplace.
  10. Francois is still selling stolen watches on Facebook. I'm looking for a new watch and came across his ad on Facebook marketplace. Suddenly remembered his name sounded familiar and then came here to double check.
  11. AliExpress is certainly legit. As already mentioned, shipping is a problem if you don't use Aramex Global. The other thing to look out for is sellers with few ratings. It's always a bit hit and miss with AliExpress, but generally, the sellers with good ratings can be trusted.
  12. Great to see that they are still providing a 12 speed mechanical option. Anyone willing to venture how much this "affordable" groupset is going to cost?
  13. I wouldn't buy the Vias, regardless of what brakes it uses. While I like a good racey road bike, between this bike and the original venge, it is one of the most uncomfortable bikes I have ever ridden - far too harsh for anything other than perfectly smooth tarmac. It will be a nightmare on our South African roads.
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