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  1. Aero is everything! The UCI even has rules on sock height...
  2. Isn't that the way the entire bike industry operates at the moment? 🥴
  3. The new cassette must be why the selling price is so high... Have you seen what cassettes go for these days? 🙄
  4. I have never ridden the FA bibs, so cannot comment on those. I do however, have several pairs of the Ciovita corsa bibs and never had an issue with them - I find them very comfortable, with a good fit, and they are fairly durable (I have had some pairs for a few years now). You will be more than happy with Ciovita bibs
  5. XOC.co.za Shipped many bikes with them, and never had an issue. Depending on the size of the bike box, expect to pay around R500 to R600.
  6. As mentioned already, look at where you are planning on riding it. That being said, if I didn't race on the road bike, I would sell my road bike and purchase an additional set of wheels for my gravel bike. I could then just have the one bike, swap out the wheels between gravel and road and I would be good to go.
  7. I was coming here to post the same thing! Old bike with 10 speed components, being sold for a massive amount. What's more worrying is that it is a dealer listing it...
  8. I have the carbon version and very happy with it! As already mentioned, take note of the brake caliper mounts - one is flat mount and the other is post mount.
  9. Maybe try a different spez shop OP - I see there is now one in Paarl. I had endless issues with a shop in Joburg, and then went to the Spez shop in Pretoria - totally different attitudes! My rear shock damper blew out a week before Berg & Bush, and Spez gave me a loan unit so that I could still race. Best part of it, they didn't charge me for the loan unit.
  10. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/complete-groupsets/477865/sram-force-axs-groupset Is it just me, or this price ridiculous, especially for a used groupset?
  11. Have you spoken to Specialized about your concern?
  12. Good luck! It's amazing how there is always one or two tw*ts who try and ruin the experience for the rest of us!
  13. https://cyclingtips.com/2021/05/uci-bans-aerocoach-front-hub-fairing-used-by-ganna-in-giro-tt/ Don't the UCI have better things to do? As the article says, the definition around fairings is as clear as mud - sounds like a lot of other UCI rulings.
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