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Why Your Bike Will Roll Faster with Kogel Bearings

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Founded in 2014, every Kogel Bearings product is engineered and assembled in the USA, and are exclusively available in South Africa through ROAM Sports. All Kogel products use, only, the highest quality ceramic bearings and are all backed by Kogel’s industry leading warranty.

This 2-year “Guaranteed Performance” warranty, pending annual bearing service and general maintenance, is backed up by ROAM Sports in South Africa. The best-in-industry warranty, for ceramic bearing bike products, means that if a Kogel product fails in the first year ROAM Sports will send you a new unit. Upholding general maintenance, of your bearings, will extend this warranty for a second year. This warranty covers everything, including alloy race corrosion, the most common reason for BB failures.

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Frictional losses comes from a lot of places on a bicycle and drive train with the bb and jockey wheels probably having the lowest contribution. Perhaps for the elite where every 0.01% makes a difference, but not for me. Feels a bit to fitting hollow bolts on a bike...


2 kg of weight loss on a bike is extremely difficult and expense if possible. My boepens probably gives me 5 kg which I can save...

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Makes sense that your bike will be faster with more expensive bearings…

Through my own empirical studies, I have come to learn that nothing travels faster than money leaving a bank account. Conservation of energy therefore dictates that if your money transfers its kinetic energy to the bearings being purchased, the bearings will gain speed.

Furthermore, because the money completely disappears after the purchase, special relativity also applies. The physical mass of the money is thus converted to speed, ergo, a larger sum of money will result in faster bearings.

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