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  1. Exactly - hardly slower than the 700c bikes on the tar but geez it’s fun on the dirt, already ridden a bit of singletrack and one day soon I’ll try some of this…
  2. This is my new dream machine. I’ve wanted a Curve GXR / Kevin of Steel for years and Mr Benkenstein finally had a used frame available. It’s the perfect mix of used frame and wheels and new parts that I see being in my life for a long time! Took it out for my first ride over 100km in ages, on a great route around the Midlands on Sunday, and it was perfect. Loving how the 650b x 2.25 Rekon Race option rolls and manages the rough stuff. The Ratio kit to make the Rival shifters work with the GX Eagle derailleur is flawless and the 40t combined with 10-52t at the back has serious range. Weird to say but I am enjoying a no suss steel bike even more than my fancy carbon dual sus Stumpjumper.
  3. Hey guys hope you’re all well. Any ideas about trail / enduro helmets (non full face) that don’t end up looking like a mushroom on your head? Agree safety is paramount but nice to look for an option that doesn’t leave you looking like a bobble head figure 🤣. Thanks for any ideas.
  4. Personal experience, NX is absolutely hopeless. My derailleur literally exploded riding on a slight uphill dirt road while spinning along, not even putting my meager power down. After 800km And my bike shop does a brisk trade replacing them with GX or rebuilding with the CSixx cage.
  5. Agree. Unless you ride a Curve GXR with carbon wheels and 29x2.4 tyres. 9kg magic carpet ride with nothing to go wrong and 100% efficiency. Changed my view on gravel bikes although I suppose strictly speaking that’s a monster cross or something.
  6. There is a thread on a local motorbike forum titled, “Don’t be a Twatwaffle”. Love to see people like Ossie and Love2Fly jumping on a thread about the functionality of the forum to perpetuate the South African prejudices that you need a dual sus for any MTB, that hardtails are for poor people and that being 82nd on a Strava segment rather than 87th justifies their input. Thanks guys. Let’s race and measure fun on any uphill, downhill, long or short ride. One of the best things about this sport is the diversity and different options that we are blessed to have. I have friends that ride rocky singletrack on 700c gravel bikes and another who rode a 500km tar and gravel route on a steel trail hardtail. Not to to say I won’t ride a dual sus trail bike but my hardtails have served me well and it would pay any doubters to try a modern trail HT for interest’s sake Before you post, think if your input is needed and if it’s useful or entertaining. Otherwise maybe go back to your Banting smoothie and indoor trainer to get a top 400 in a Zwift race. Thanks bye.
  7. What’s even worse is that a dear friend was killed riding in Glenwood last year by guys fleeing in a stolen Polo. He was off the major routes and knowing him, being careful. Drivers in SA are undoubtedly the worst in the world, Durban specifically.
  8. You cannot ride on a main road (outside of urban streets) in KZN, especially Durban and surrounds with any semblance of safety. The standard of driving in the 12 years I’ve lived in Durban has gone from bad to literally deadly. I am scared every day in my car. I’m so sorry for everyone involved. I’m sorry if this offends anyone reading this. But if it makes ONE of you think twice about riding on a M or R road and keep to circuits or an urban ride then it’s worth it. Love to the families and friends involved.
  9. Hi Guys My new bike has a set of e13 rims laced to SLX hubs. On one side of the rim is a TRS+ sticker and on the other is a LG1+ sticker so I'm very confused about what they are. 32 hole rims. Any ideas / help? Thanks
  10. Maybe should try that - I just dunno how long the belt will last stretches beyond its design limits.
  11. Hi guys Hope everyone is well! I bought some TacX Antares rollers as I’m not ready to spend the cash on a full trainer setup yet and I like the old skool vibe of rollers. Got them set up aaaaaand, the wheelbase is way too short for my MTB. Max on the Antares is 1100mm and my bike has a 1210mm or so wheelbase. It is a slightly older set of TacX - are the latest ones longer? Alternatively, what on wheel basic trainers would work for a 29er MTB with 2.3 - 2.4 inch tyres please? Thanks for your help!
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