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  1. Microsoft is still a strong force......
  2. I disagree with you old dog!
  3. No one is questioning podium places.....Cycling is a game of chess...
  4. I agree with Andrew! MS has had an incredible year. They have been the most consistent team this year, BY FAR!!!! They had the numbers and did most of the work. They are always trying to drive the breaks and have been successful on numerous occassions. Unlucky this time round but Im sure they will bounce back from it... MS was unlucky to have 4 in the break. All pressure was on them. In my opinion they rode a great race. Nic did a fantastic job..... u need luck to win sometimes, and well done to Martin for a well timed attack. Sometimes when you the underdog in that situation its easier to pull it off as you dont need to do any work. This must have been evident. You guys who slate the TV coverage also need to relax, its not everyday we get to see this so we should appreciate what SS did. Rome wasnt built in a day....
  5. Didnt mean it in a bad way All Rounder! I just asked who races track from SA now, is there anyone abroad? Who would you vote to take the award?
  6. I can think of a few others which could've been nominated for men cyclist of the year!
  7. From what I heard, you can only speak after being there yourself....I dont think it easy anywhere, everyone is always trying to get the better of you sometime or another,Human Nature.
  8. If you can be consitent in a full racing program, always at the top in the crucial moments of a race you must have some sort of talent. To make it overseas I think you need more than that, hard work, dedication, a will to be there, sacrifices, everything needs to be just cycling. Its not only about talent.
  9. Never a dull moment in SA
  10. Imagine Racing him in South Africa. Wonder if he would make up hekpoort in the big chainring!
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