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  1. I've moved to the Netherlands and have just started riding my MTB on a daily commute; these road surfaces (slick clay-type paving bricks) are a nightmare to ride on with MTB knobblies, and 10x worse in the wet (most days then) Can't seem to find any suitable guidance on what to replace them with, any advice Hubbers?
  2. Hi there, will a 29er equipped with regular MTB rubber and a 32T 11/50T set up be OK for riding/commuting in the NL? Commuting, social riding, etc.....or is it advisable to replace the 32T with a 34T and fit hybrid rubber....or shelve the bike and get a commuter? TYIA
  3. Hi guys! I’m looking for two Maxxis DTH 26x2.3 skinwall tyres for a steel frame bike that I’m busy with… Does anyone know where I can get these specific tyres?
  4. It's time to top up my tyre sealant and I'm wondering what the best sealant is for South African conditions? I've read online that Orange Sealant is great (although I've never seen it in SA stores) and apparently Stan's is crap. I've had some success previously with Enduro Seal. What's your experience and what do you use?
  5. Hi guys, I have a friend who bought a second-hand mountain bike for around R2000, which came fitted with 700 x 40C road tyres. One of her tyres needs to be replaced and she was quoted around R950. She uses it very casually on the road and never on the mountain. Are there any other options she should look at before spending all that money on a tyre for an old bike? I spend that much on my MTB tyres, so I know it's not a crazy amount. It's just a bit unreasonable given the bike and its use. I'd really appreciate any help.
  6. So I was wondering if anybody else has seen this happen to their Michelin Tyres. I fitted these late Dec and they've started oozing this weird pink rubbery stuff. Have no idea if its a defect or what and am worried about the tyres integrity if I remove it? Furthermore, it doesn't look all that appealing. The tyres in question are Michelin Pro 4 Endurance. I tried taking it up with the supplier but no response as yet. Has this happened to any of you and is there cause for concern? Nick
  7. Hi hubbers! I’m currently running 27.5 3.0 inch tyres on my Stumpy. Instead of swapping out to 29er wheels I’m looking at slapping some 2.8 Maxxis DHF tyres on it. But my only concern is that the BB height will drop by putting smaller tyres on. Can someone please advice me on if the smaller tyre size will drop the BB significantly? Would it be possible to put some 2.6 inch tyres on? Thanks everyone!
  8. Hi guys, just putting a feeler out there. I have a set of Royal Traverse SL 38 rims (6fattie rims) that I’m thinking of selling. They are in fantastic condition and barely ridden. Only less than 10 rides on them so far. They currently retail new for R25k https://rovalcomponents.com/collections/trail/products/2019-traverse-sl-38 How much do you guys think they are worth second hand? Thanks!
  9. Hey All So I don't know about you guys, but I'm one to stick to what I know when it comes to replacing tyres on my road bike. Kinda the type to play it safe when it comes to components that I choose for my bike, and generally persuaded by reputable bike brand names. So when I look to replace my tyres, I typically go for what i had previously used, unless of coarse they sucked and I got too many flats or they wore too quickly etc. I've had bad experience with Gatorskins, so haven't looked at Continental in some time. So my question is (and this is directed to Conti fans with Michelin/Schwalbe/Vittoria experience): Are the GP4000II or GP5000's as good or better than say Schwalbe One or Michelin Pro 4 Endurance/Vittoria equivalent? Considerations would be typical: MileagePuncture ResistanceRolling ResistancePriceI'm interested to see your opinions/experience and how the big 3 brands fair against one another in SA, specifically Road Tyres 23/25 C. No experience with Mountain Bike tyre's so don't go there. Cheers Nick
  10. Thought I would create this thread for those with a little more knowledge about cars to help us that are not up to scratch with what is normal and not normal. My first issue: My battery in my Honda accord was installed in September 2014 and its already dead as a door nail and not holding charge. Is this normal? Also what my discovery tracker device I had tested is pulling ampage when the car is off, I have requested this to be removed. Please feel free to ask any car maintenance questions and stuff here.
  11. Good morning Hubbers! A happy Monday to all. Congratulations to all who finished the CTCT 2020, and to those who achieved PBs, well done! To those who came short, I wish you all a speedy recovery. Back to the matter at hand, what, in your opinion, is the best outdoor road training tyre? I've been using Conti GP4000 SIIs for a while now, and they haven't let me down too much. Roads in the South are shocking at best, so my tyres have got more cuts and pinches than I care to count. Common wisdom dictates that Gatorskins (Hardshell or not) is your best bet, but the ride is very hard. Conti tyres are prone to side wall deterioration, more than I've seen from any other OEM. What's your opinion?
  12. Hi Hubbers!! Our 2019 Black Friday Sale kicked off today and will run until 29 November. New products are loaded daily so don't miss out! The link to the Black Friday page is here: https://www.evobikes.co.za/black-friday-sale.html
  13. Good Morning. I recently won a set of tubular wheels. I have never ridden on tubulars before and did a lot of research on how to put the tyres on and everything about that. So last week the wheels were ready to ride. I put Continental Gatorskin 25mm tyres on which I thought should be the best puncture resistant. I also put some sealant in the tyre to prevent punctures. I read that people in the UK has gotten 1 000 miles+ on their tubular tyres without any issue. After the ride I fell in love with them and just want to ride the tubby's now. There's just that thought of a puncture in the back of my mind and also the cost involved in replacing such a tyre. My questions are: Is there anybody that can fix a puctured tubby? Who else trains with their tubular wheels? Should I only use the wheels for special occasions?Any views would be great. Thanks.
  14. The basic philosophy of Tufo Tyres is specialization in the development and production of tubular tyres – the best option for cycling sport. From the very beginning, TUFO worked hand in hand with many world champions and elite racers from all cycling disciplines. This cooperation makes the transition of theoretical knowledge from development and research into new products much easier. These days TUFO products are manufactured to the highest standards conforming to the strictest criteria in the races for a podium finish. https://www.tufo.com/en/ SAVE 30% ON THE XC 11 TR 29" - NOW ONLY R695.00 TUFO XC11 TR Tubeless Ready 29″ MTB Tyre Tubeless-ready all-purpose MTB tyre intended for XC and marathon racing. The tread pattern of the XC11 TR tyre provides low rolling resistance, is self-cleaning and has exceptionally good grip in a wide range of weather and terrain conditions. Because that’s what you need from a high-performance race tyre. TUFO ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES OIL SILICA A soft compound (60 Shore A) developed for MTB cross country and marathon tyres. Adding a reasonable amount of oil to a polymer blend with Activated Silica improves traction and reduces rolling resistance. SIDEWALL PROTECTION A specially formulated slippery sidewall strip protects the most vulnerable part of certain MTB tubulars. This special sidewall strip allows the tubular to slide off sharp edges without damaging the tyre carcass. VECTRAN PUNCTURE BARRIER This most effective anti-puncture system is placed directly under the tread area. The core of the anti-puncture system is made from VECTRAN – liquid crystal polymer (LCP) fibres which are five times stronger than steel. VECTRAN also offers outstanding cut resistance and high impact resistance at a low weight – highly demanding properties for high-end bicycle tyres. VECTRAN PUNCTURE BARRIER not only provides the best possible puncture protection but also ensures precise cornering and improved stability. SHOP NOW
  15. hi all As you have probably seen there is a CWC special on Vittoria tyres - does anyone have experience or comments on the different versions: - Barzo 2.35 - Mezcal 2.25 - Saguaro 2.20 Riding conditions are generally dry, hard and loose Thank in advance https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/vittoria-mezcal-cape-cobra-3-pack-29x225 https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/vittoria-barzo-cape-cobra-3-pack https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/vittoria-saguaro-cape-cobra-3-pack
  16. Hi Hubbers! Our LE TOUR SALE is now in full swing! New products are added daily. Head over to https://www.evobikes.co.za/le-tour.html to see what is on sale!
  17. 700x41(-ish), tubeless ready, with tread pattern suitable for a mix of tar, hard pack, gravel roads and the odd stony section. Choices so far are: the Vittorias (worried that tread pattern too light on Dry, too aggressive on Mix; they are made for Euro conditions), and Farr gravel tyre (looks pretty compelling, priced well). Any recommendations (locally available)?
  18. Tell what you currently ride and what you will try next.
  19. Any idea as to who stocks the Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless road tyres in Jo'burg?
  20. Swany05


    Im in need of a new set of tires. The current ones are brittle and thin as a ballsack 80/20 road/gravel single track. Currently riding a 26" hardtail with tubes as im not sure my wheels will handle tubeless all that well Thanks in advance
  21. Hey guys, I'm a huge fan of tyres with tan/gum sidewalls, I think they look super classy and I wanna treat my bike to a set. What are my options locally? I don't really have the budget to get Specialized Cottons and I'm not really sure who else makes a good set. This would be for a clincher tyre for a road bike
  22. Anyone tried the Tannus Slick solid tyres on a road bike. Good/bad idea, or should I just go tubeless?
  23. Hi there hubbers, Has anyone managed to find 27+ 2.8 tyres anywhere online? Doesn't seem like any of the bike shops stock them or have a wide range? Any help would be appreciated
  24. Hey guys, On my new Hardtail Trail Bike I'm looking at which tyres to fit front and rear. I want a combo for most terrain, don;t have the luxury of changing tyres weekly. I will be riding trails with some hard pack, and also soft / wet dirt. I'm looking at: Front - Maxxis Minion DHF Rear - Maxxis Ardent/Forecaster/Minion DHF I'm reading that a lot of racers who use Minions, use them both front and rear, but I'm wondering if the Minion wouldn't be too harsh as a rear tyre? I don't really know, I have never had Minions. Any thoughts?
  25. After having done 10,000km on Chaoyang and before that Maxxis I decided to try out a new cheapie brand from China and settled on the Innova-Pro Transformers. Now normally when you want something fancy you get it from a Boutique. Think of fine clothing, confectionery, furniture and so on. If it is fancy stuff it will most likely be "boutique" stuff. So based on that these must be really fancy because it is the first "boutique tyre" I have ever had in my life Sew fahunseh ! Fitting them on my Giant P-XC2 rims was easy enough, I added 100ml Rhino sealant in each wheel and pumped it 2.5 bar and it seems to hold that without any leaks. They do seem rather skinny compared to my old 29x2.2 Chaoyangs. Tomorrow I will test them out on Piket-bo-berg, a route I am not familiar with on tyres I am not familiar with. Let's see how it goes.
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