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  1. Don't tease please. I googled and cannot find this MTBRider2000 for XBOX.
  2. I don't wish the connection issue on my worst enemy. Its the reason I switched to Samsung after having iphones forever. I just couldn't get my 945 to stay connected and I haven't had a single issue in the almost 2 years since switching. (And I know most people have never had an issue with ios but that didn't help me)
  3. What concerns me is just how inconvenient a failure can be. My 945 failed a few months in and they replaced it. It failed during lockdown and the way life happened off late I can hardly call myself an triathlete and use the watch to look active so no big deal. But if somebody was lining up for their swim at an IM and their watch was dead it would be rather inconvenient. It's expensive and should be super reliable for it's target use.
  4. Probably because there are too many things outside of your control making it impossible to deliver an acceptable service level to the customer.
  5. Living in Somerset East so many of our parcels go to Somerset West. You would think postal codes would be enough for courier companies if the 800km odd between is not.
  6. Thanks. It was like that from day one so I will have a look at it.
  7. Quick question. I have a X-Fusion Manic dropper. Once I lower the dropper I cannot just use the lever to raise it again, I need to sit on it before it moves up. Is this how it's supposed to work?
  8. Showtime

    Formula 1...

    Is there any body with less class in F1 than Horner.
  9. Thanks! I was googling alternate meanings of acute and obtuse to make sense of it ????. Now I can like his post without pretending to get it.
  10. My comprehension is so lacking on this one I don't even know if I need to be offended
  11. I am going to have a look but can't promise to be a major contributor. My forum time with work and one little angle and another due in August is very limited.
  12. You certainly did your due diligence before joining. Following and analysing all those topics and people you find so annoying when nothing compelled you to do so. I can still understand that admin thought the discussions a burden but this idea that off-topic discussions somehow polluted the cycling topics or that they bothered any users not partaking in them is a much tougher sell.
  13. Showtime

    Formula 1...

    The way Toto is reacting to the competition is very disappointing and this pit stop rule change is going to far. It's fine to believe in your team but no team is entitled to win. I've been supporting Merc this year because I believe Lewis is way more talented than people give him credit for and I hope he uses the competitive Red Bull to prove himself but every week I'm getting more and more comfortable with the idea of Max taking it. He is clearly the fastest driver now and most deserving of a title.
  14. Or for the price of a decent carbon wheelset a Grandad gets to make a purchase that brings him more joy than any R300k+ Lambovello. It's a special moment, just enjoy it.
  15. Same for me. I'm not active on any other social media but somehow this place became part of my online existence. If there is a big event or topic that I want to see feedback on I will come straight to bikehub to see what a bunch of people i've never met but know almost like characters in a book are saying. There is no way I will revert to a place where anonymous people post comments on articles. Hopefully enough of this essence can be preserved. I can understand the desire to eliminate all possible negative energy from the place but I'm not sure how realistic it is and what will be left.
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