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  1. You submit your permanent race number on your entry form for each event exactly like your currently have to submit your CSA license number. So each entry form will make provision for your permanent number. I would imagine that your number has to be re-issued each year just like your license would need to be.
  2. Would it not be an idea for CSA to issue permanent numbers now that they require all cyclists to obtain a license of sorts? I would love it if you did not have to go to collect your race number for each event and this is particularly relevant if you are traveling from afar to a race.
  3. I have ridden a Soloist Team (Alu) for the better part of 27000km. The frame is incredibly stiff which makes for great climbing. It descends very well and is easy to handle. My bike weighs in at 7.4kg (size 56 with Zipps). The only disadvantage that I can see is that the ride is fairly harsh and that the internal cabling can rattle. I still think that it one of the best value for money buys around.
  4. IvenS

    Ryan Cox

    My deepest condolences to Ryan's family and friends. I am shocked at this awful news and saddened at the untimely loss of life. RIP.
  5. I've always just held the bare bomb in my glove and never had a problem. The bomb ends up with a layer of ice on it by the time you've used it but if you hold it properly then you should not have a problem.
  6. Hook It - fastest TT of the day IvenS2007-06-18 08:41:03
  7. IvenS


    Lets not be so critical here - the guys did awesomely well. Give them the credit that they deserve. As far as I am concerned you can only be critical if you are standing on the high ground i.e. if you have delivered a performance in line with what we have seen at the SA's then you have some latitude as far as critical comments are concerned. Until then lets be positive and give the medal winners the glory that they deserve.
  8. IvenS


    How close are these results: VET MEN 35-39PLACERIDERNAMEPROVINCERUN TIMEOFF LEADER1654PHEIFFER LUKEWP00:27:06.800:00:00.02660VAN GELDER DONOVANKZN00:27:08.200:00:01.43656PRITCHARD CHARLESCG00:27:09.500:00:02.74650MOOLMAN WERNERKZN00:27:10.900:00:04.15667LABUSCHAGNE JOHANCG00:27:31.500:00:24.76668KLOPPER KOOSGN00:27:44.600:00:37.87666WILLIAMS LEE ANDREWCG00:27:47.400:00:40.68655PIENAAR FREDDIEGN00:28:10.600:01:03.89629PIEHL ANDRECG00:28:30.500:01:23.710639HARMSE WERNERSG00:28:48.800:01:42.0
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