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  1. So none of them are white walled tyres then. The tyre 4th from right has a white strip on it but the side wall of the tyre is black with the Schwalbe name on it.
  2. They all look white walled to me.
  3. I've heard that the Knysna Cycle Works teams may not be able to take part because they can't get out of Knysnsa due to road closures.
  4. Those teams like Vodacom and Club 100 that start at the same time or a similar time are of completely different abilities. And if it keeps the sponsors happy then let their teams start wherever they want. I really can't see them helping each other to get podium places. If that is the case then there's reason to moan. But they've put up hundreds of thousands of Rands for this event and without them we'd have no event so let them have there money's worth.
  5. Lamb do you drive a Blue Golf ? The guy said the same thing about owning the road. A car was coming past every 30 or 40 seconds. Those are big gaps. I was moving to single file when looking back and seeing a car but he came up quickly and I didn't see him coming. He's only objecting to the speed I'm going at because I've seen motorcyclists riding 2 abreast (even traffic cops do it) and motorists seem quite happy. So using those same standards, when he is behind a motorist who is driving at 40km/h he must cut him off and get out of his car and verbally abuse him.
  6. Sure butafly but the guy deliberately tried scare tactics by coming as close to me as possible. I never react when they hoot but when someone starts using their car like a weapon then sometimes the reaction gets out before your mind has a chance to think about it.
  7. I was riding along Spaanschemacht road this morning through Tokai forest. It was about 7am and there was very little traffic so we were riding two abreast and then I was pulling in behind when I saw a car coming. This Golf then comes past and as he draws alongside me he hoots. But he was at most about 15cm from me and he hooted at the last second only to scare me. My knee-jerk reaction was to show him the finger. He then pulls over and gets out of his car. So I stopped next to him and he starts swearing and going ape. I stayed calm and said that I agree that riding 2 abreast wasn't clever but that I didn't see any car when I looked back and he could have hooted when he was 20 or 30m behind me and I would have pulled over. But clearly any motorist who pulls over and gets out of his car is already past any form of reasonable conversation - so he carried on ranting and was realy aggressive. The next thing another car goes past and then turns around and stops on the other side of the road. This nutcase hangs out of his window and starts saying "you're all a bunch of w***ers". I mean he's so anti-cyclists that he turns his car around just to get a piece of the action ! I just ignored him but the first guy then seems to now be more pysched up by the presence of the newcomer and he says "someone should just ****you all up". So I say "who do you mean" ? I'm only one guy. So he says "you cyclists - you think you own the road". I just told him that he should get some excercise because it will help him de-stress and I rode off. But I get the feeling that there is a real anti-cyclist sentiment which is growing and these guys hatred of cyclists was incredible. They have clearly had problems with cyclists in the past. I agree that riding 2 abreast is not advisable where there's trafic ... but then I see some guys riding 3 abreast and then refusing to move when cars come ... or they ride without consideration for anyone else (riding through traffic lights, etc). I just wish that cyclists would consider the consequences that their actions have on other cyclists. Is there anyone else that feels the "anti-cyclist" sentiments are growing ? One day we will read in the papers about a cyclist who's been beaten to death by a motorist.
  8. They are excellently priced on shoes and carbon bottle cages.
  9. http://www.rapidsport.co.za/
  10. Could be but could there have been 30km of downhill yesterday ?
  11. Can someone tell me the meaning of these numbers that pop up on a download from polar heartrate monitor.
  12. Fand where did you get these pics ? Did a friend of yours take them ?
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