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  1. Thanks so much for keeping an eye out. I rode from Noordhoek peak towards the the start of the Tokai single track. So alot of area unfortunately 😬
  2. I stupidly put my car keys in my saddle bag only to find out it had escaped a few hours later. Lesson's have been learnt. If anyone picks up a Nissan key with a red cable tie please get in contact. I have a feeling it's a km or two before the start of the Tokai single track. Thanks so much Lynnae
  3. Does anyone know have many riders pulled out of this year's event/ percentage that finished? With the hectic temperatures ( 46/47 degrees) and that headwind I saw alot of riders bailing. Glad it's moving back to May next year, not so sure how safe it was riding in those conditions.
  4. My 3 year old kicker snap 2 has become incredibly noisy and needs repair - suspect the bearings are toast As it is out of warranty I need to send it to repair centre to Pretoria - I'm in Cape town so that's not ideal. Been quoted R1000 for a initial check up & clean to start with Does anyone know if there is a local company in Cape town that could look at the unit or had similar problems? Thanks
  5. My 3 year old kicker snap 2 has become incredibly noisy and needs repair - suspect the bearings are toast As it is out of warranty I need to send it to repair centre to Pretoria - I'm in Cape town so that's not ideal. Been quoted R1000 for a initial check up & clean to start with Does anyone know if there is a local company in Cape town that could look at the unit or had similar problems? Thanks
  6. It was 2b/c yes Agreed, no fault of the organizers - do think the bunches were a bit big though. I was hoping sticking to the right would save my bacon if something happened but the crash was so big few were spared. This was my first and hopefully last time eating asphalt. Now to go find a new helmet
  7. Thank you for all the replies everyone. I thought as much & just wanted some clarity.
  8. I was involved in one the ctct crashes yesterday and was wondering if there is anyway us riders can claim back for some damages from the event? Medical expenses, torn bibs, shirts, broken bikes etc. Etc. Has anyone done this or do we just suck it up and move on?
  9. I was in the 2C crash and waiting to get some lekker stitches (yay) From what I heard someone swerved, clipped a wheel and took out a rider or two. Thereafter it was chaos. It looked like dominos - I managed to slow down but got hit from behind. I would say it was propably more than 10 of us hitting the deck. My Garmin says I was doing 35 km/h before getting airborne. - fyi tether your Garmin folks Managed to carry my bike to a waterpoint where a miracle worker managed to get both wheels to turn and derailleurs to shift. Glad I could finish the race but I will stay out of big twitchy bunches for a while I think. Congratulations to everyone who got their PB today
  10. Does anyone perhaps know the approximate size of the rider race containers?
  11. Hi, does anybody perhaps have approximate distances/km readings for the 4 waterpoints for Gran Fondo? Thank you
  12. Hi, This e-thirteen BB was fitted on my Anthem to fit a Gx crank. Not cheap but it worked. https://www.evobikes.co.za/components/bottom-brackets/e-thirteen-bsa-68-73mm-threaded-bottom-bracket.html Hope it helps!
  13. Hi everyone, Here is the bicycle I rode Eroica Nova with. It was such a wonderful build (and I learned alot) I was on the hunt for a old frame that could accommodate tyres larger than 28 C. (the late 80's frames I looked at could not accommodate larger tyres). When I saw the Peugeot frame at a Woodstock Cycleworks 'swap, meet and race' I had to have it. Absolutely loved the aero frame, the colours, chrome, and all glorious Patina. R250 later the gravelbike build started. I stripped and cleaned the frame, applied rust converter and a clear coat. After trawling bikehub, a vintage cycling whatsapp group and a few local bicycle shops I managed to find all the bits and pieces needed for the build. The wheels are a second hand set of Mavic Ksyrium's which I put a set of 35 C Continental Cyclocross tyres on. I could not believe these tyres fit the frame. The clearance is really tight, especially at the back where the brakes want to get intimate with the tyre. (I will need to put a smaller tyre on if any rain or mud came is predicted) As I decided to put modern components on the bike there were some parts that were harder to source/make fit. A quill stem adapter was needed for the handlebars. The adapter needed a shim to make it fit into the stem (finding the shim proved to be one of the trickier things). The frame also needed cable stops so that STI shifters could be installed. I ended up using a Suntour cable housing guide. A new headset was also fitted. I found a 11 speed Sram Force groupset (with a Rotor crankset) on the hub for a really good deal. Unfortunately the Rotor crank set could not fit the frame. The bottom bracket was having none of it. After trying two other crank sets I eventually went with a new Shimano 105 crank set. This was the most expensive part of the build. I had the drill bigger holes in the frame to make the modern brakes fit. The Peugeot put up quite a fight, and I did not like drilling into the frame. But it had to get done. The rear derailleur was fitted to the frame using a Shimano band adapter. Finding a better seat post with more room for adjustment is still on my to do list. Everything else was pretty standard component wise. Olympic cycles put back all the bits and pieces for me and made my scrounged parts fit. I added my favorite Deda handlebar and Fabric Knurl bar tape to round off the bike. Here are a few final photos of the bike. Although its heavier than a carbon gravel machine it rides beautifully and has a great personality. We will be ready for more gravel adventure at the Swartberg Fondo next month. Bye Lynnae
  14. I rode with the famous Mamil? Great meeting you It was hard leaving the utopian braai stop (I still have visions of Granny's mustard and venison)
  15. What a incredible day out riding in Montagu. The Nova was tough (and I almost became one with the scorching earth) but the amazing lunch stops (and descent at Keisie was so worth it) You could really feel the love for cycling (and bicycles!) on Saturday. Was great meeting you all, hopefully see some of the Nova riders in Prins Albert next month
  16. Hi Hubbers, Thank you so much for all the advice and the 360ne + Transbaviaans banter (I'm getting a real sense of what I've gotten myself into, and I'm excited) I viewed a 2016 second hand carbon hardtail yesterday and I loved how responsive and featherlight it was. Unfortunately it's drivetrain was pretty much at the end of its life, and I would need replacing before 360ne. I could however definitely see the merits of a carbon hardtail. I then went to look at the Anthem I originally linked when the thread was started (both the carbon and Anthem were priced exactly the same). After a test ride (and visualising myself on it for 20 plus hours) I decided to go with the Anthem. Both shocks are still original and might need some extra love in the future, but the bike looks to be well maintained and ready to ride without any upgrades or repairs needed. The drivetrain was recently upgraded. With it weighing 11. 8 kg vs my 14 kg momsen it was also a biggish weight saving. Now I just need to figure out how to ride a dual suspension bike efficiently Here he/she is. If you happen to see us peddaling away please say hello. Any more tips and advice would always be appreciated for a newbie like me
  17. Thanks so much for everyone's comments. Please keep them coming, they are much appreciated. A carbon hardtail never even crossed my mind! Would this second hand carbon hardtail be worth investigating? https://bike-addict.co.za/collections/pre-owned-bicycles/products/giant-xtc-advanced-1-medium-pre-owned Looks like it is a 2016 model, not sure.
  18. Hi everyone, I'm a Noob when it comes to mountain biking and would really appreciate some advice please. I have entered 36One and Transbaviaans this year after falling completely in love with riding on dirt roads (for hours on end). Most of my off road riding has been on a entry level 3 x 9 speed Momsen Hardtail (my first mtb). As I'm starting to log the km's I've been thinking about upgrading to a dual suspension mountain bike. This is mainly due to probably being more comfortable in the saddle after a few hours of riding (and possibly having better components than the stock 3 x 9 group set I currently have. Unfortunately I do not have big bucks to spend (my absolute max is 25 K). So my question is: - Would it be better going for a new modern (ish) entry level dual suspension bike or a older dual sus with better components (I think). I'm not sure how long wear and tear would affect a bicycle maintenance wise. These are the two bikes I'm looking at. A - 2017 Scott spark 960 - For 25 K http://www.olympiccycles.co.za/shop/scott-spark-960-2017/ B- Giant X 2015 for 16.5 K https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/342544-giant-anthem-x-2015/ Personally I'm leaning towards the Anthem. Figure with some money left over it could be spent on gear and possibly a upgrade or two. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Lynnae
  19. Thank you for this scammer list! - just received a suspicious message exactly like the one listed above from a "Barry Smith" He contacted me via WhatsApp and email.
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