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  1. Frankly, not getting caught = clean as far as the world in general is concerned. Ever heard of 'innocent until proven guilty'? If you want to kick teams out because of past misdeeds, a whole bunch should be left out, not just Astana. This hurts the sport more than it could ever help it. I for one will just not bother with the Tour this year. It will be a shame if I miss good performances by Barloworld, but if the best teams and riders are not there, what is the point really?
  2. I think we would all prefer the BMC Time Machine 1, but $12k is a bit rich for a frameset
  3. I must admit that a carbon, red and white version would look better. Then again, it would probably look too CSC Cervelo...
  4. With any power system you will find yourself being somewhat of a beta-tester if you are one of the early adopters - all systems have some small problems that only become apparent once regular folk go out and play around with them a bit. I would therefore be wary of the Quarq, at least until there has been some real world feedback. It seems that Ergomo has been working hard on sorting out some of their issues worldwide, and more recent reports have been much more positive. I use one on my road bike, and have been very happy so far.
  5. Not too shabby - very nice and stealth
  6. The previous swoopy model looked like a design exercise. This bike looks like it means business.
  7. BMC Fan, I think you're right. We really need to get this guy overseas (or out of the country at least!)
  8. I still love how you can sell a 'state of the art' road bike with a quill-type stem and 9-speed components - what year is this guy from?
  9. Can't we get him back on the hub? Please? We have some more free advice to give...
  10. Maybe if we promise to leave him in peace he might just donate the bike to the hub...
  11. There's no real difference between the 5110 and the E90 is there - the 5110 is exactly like the new one...
  12. I wonder whether one can pay a yearly amount in advance and then get to slap the cr*p out of your kids without having the hassle of individual payments
  13. Nah, just old habits kicking in again Trispoke2007-10-11 03:38:00
  14. Because the cause of cramping varies greatly from individual to individual, you should try each of the solutions listed above, and see what works for you. For me, it is salt tablets.
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