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  1. ok ok i'm kinda ready... i'll do it with you
  2. they are seriously fast .. i took my corsa graphene 28s off and did DC on the new Corsa Graphene 2.0 28s , actually felt it rolled faster
  3. Just heard, no N7, no Vissers climb.. turn back on Adderley M58, and across to Odendaal rd
  4. pls pls https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/shimano-brake-pads-resin-l03a-wfin-road SHIMANO BRAKE PADS RESIN L03A W/FIN (ROAD)
  5. https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/shimano-brake-pads-resin-l03a-wfin-road this pls, ultegra brake pads
  6. https://www.instagram.com/carbonbikerepairsa/?hl=en
  7. yep ..these are the Pros in the business..manufacturer recommended ! from around R5k for a proper repair and respray with lifetime guarantee.. other locals doing it will charge around half of them.. +-R2500 https://carbonbikerepair.co.za will also use the exact same carbon layup thickness as manufacturer originally from the UK .. carbonbikerepair.co.uk
  8. require an entry pls, if anyone can help , StarTeam Cycling
  9. ****, thats just terrible.. Here is another alternative, which i did . I took 2 cardboard bike boxes and put the one in the other. Sometimes different make or different size M vs L box will work. This reinforces the cardboard shell. (One can also actually use the cavity between the 2 boxes to insert pieces of more cardboard or hardboard to reinforce further)
  10. all about getting closer to taking the record 35 stage wins..he's on 30
  11. i went down(StarTeam) managed to brake hard enough as to not hit the kid that went down and caused it, but collided with someone on my right. Not looking forward to sleeping skinless or showering someone send me a new supply of HTFU pills pls .. just used up mine 2weeks ago tackilng a stationary car door opening on me and nearly cutting my heart out
  12. salesperson said Makro have ordered/received ONLY mediums.. 7 left at Ottery branch,Cpt . Trail 5 = 9spd , hydraulic disc brakes Trail 7 = 8spd , mechanical disc brakes
  13. Trail 5 , 9spd , hydraulic brakes 7 left at Ottery branch as at 13h00 today
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