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  1. Sorry for the hijack...i have also looked at this bike. Isnt the fact that the front fork takes a 15mm thru axle the other issue with the frame? Most gravel tyres are 12mm and not all wheels have hub adaptors easily available
  2. I have a similar problem and ride on the road. My go to kit has been: - Ciovita long sleeve (its mde from normal cycling jersey material and meant for summer) - Set of white ciovita uv sleeves
  3. Its open. No tape and a few riders with me yesterday But they should close it!
  4. Biggish birds...just avoid the river section and you will be fine
  5. Went for a ride this morning I would say Modder is non technical but lots of climbing! The river is open but you can avoid. Its probably the most fun/technical bit...unfortunately there are a couple of birds that dive at you and they attacked me this morning...thankfully did not see them but felt a thud at the back of my helmet...i would avoid this section for now Also best of avoid it in the morning as it gets f@&*ing cold...
  6. When choosing a wheel be sure to get one that is compatible (boost/ non boost, QR / Tru Axle)
  7. Best option is to get a spare wheel/tyre combination. Saves the schlep of swopping tyres...you can use the same cassette and quickly swop that over
  8. Great event. Well organisation. The descents were technical and some of the climbs were brutal and long...but great overall!
  9. I am doing the 70km. i see they are 3 water points. Does anyone know if they will have food (e.g. energy bars) at the water points? I asked and am still waiting for an answer...
  10. Used it at a Crossfit gym...was used as part of a workout so we would use it for ~1 min and then move to something else...gives you a good workout for that minute and seemed very robust (it was in a gym after all!). There is some technique required to using it well but not sure about using it for longer workouts.
  11. Agree with the suggestions - strava on phone - hrm But you can also get a cheap basic non gps bike computer. You cn get one for r150-200. This way you can also see some basic data like speed while you ride
  12. I have used a combination of an inner vest, a Vye winter jacket and a sportful windbreaker to cycle in low single digit joburg weather The sportful jacket in particular is very versatile as it can be used in summer (light rains) over a cycling jersey for early morning/autumn rides or to add extra warmth when really cold. It also packs away very easily so can be packed away once you warm up For me the struggle has been with gloves as my fingers dont warm up and i end up with really thick winter gloves with little feel... https://vyecyclekit.cc/collections/cycle-shirts/products/hurricane-thermo-black sportful.com/lu/hot-pack-norain-jacket/p/112002521P
  13. I have purchased some motorcycle stuff from their website before (i think it was a touring Jacket) - items were as described and i was happy with the service
  14. Thanks for the advice. Sounds like i should look for a set of 26er wheels and then i can go 10 speed. Now to find some parts. Thanks
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