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  1. I have done this event twice. The route is well marked and there are plenty of cyclists so gps is not necessary. They also do not check...
  2. +1 on avoiding mechanical disc brakes. I agree that they are heavy and i also think outright performance is worse than rim brakes...and they are harder to setup right...
  3. Sportful and Castelli also make these. i have the sportful version and am happy with them. They also come with a mesh pocket at the back of the bib https://www.sportful.co.za/collections/mens-gravel-2021-2022/products/sportful-super-giara-bib-shorts-mens-2020-21 https://www.castelli.co.za/products/castelli-unlimited-all-surface-bib-short-2021-black
  4. Nic - 0847527157 He made some stickers for a Fox Fork and for my frame - they were both great.
  5. Yes, you buy just the arm. Just check whether its gxp or dub as the crank arms are different And check the length of the crankarm
  6. So 32/34 will definitely not fit. 28mm could fit depending on the type of riding you do (i.e. not muddy)
  7. What size tyres do you have on now? you can also use a small allen key to move around the tyre and see how much clearance the frame has. Not perfect but it will give you a good sense. e.g. if you have a 28mm tyre and want to try a 32mm tyre, then use a 2mm allen key on each side. . .
  8. JulienR

    Hot Foot

    How do you modify your shoes to push the cleats further back? I am keen to learn and try this out.
  9. JulienR

    Hot Foot

    So maybe start with a fitting - ensuring the cleat is in the right place...if that does not work well then you may need to see a podiatrist to customise some insoles for you...make sure that the podiatrist understands and works with cyclists... My experience is that Road shoes/cleats are better for my feet than MTB ones...maybe something to do with spreading the pressure across a larger surface area? So this could also help if it is an option
  10. Cool, Wayne will be able to do that https://www.rapide.co.za/contact-us/
  11. Check out Wayne at Rapide, not sure if he has 32 spoke hubs but he builds great wheels and also has the parts/complete wheels for sale. He is based in Kensington so not too far from you Oh, check out the prices for hubs, rebuilding etc...it may be easier/cheaper to buy a used set of wheels and then sell your old QR wheels
  12. In my experience keep it simple: helmet and gloves...no need for more stuff (knee pads/elbow pads wont get worn, its a schlep)
  13. The element is a cool gps. What does your element not do that you want? Do you want a gps with routes and navigation? Then check out the element roam or the garmin gps units with navigation. I have the garmin 530 and it works well
  14. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/shifters/499849/shimano-slx-11spd-shifter-m7000
  15. A few options on the hub...you could buy the full groupset and sell what you dont need https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/complete-groupsets/496769/shimano-xt-m8000-groupset https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/shifters/497894/various-components
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