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  1. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23825644-everything-you-need-to-know-about-bicycle-chains
  2. I still get boggeroll... Will whuuuuusah for a bit and try later.
  3. Not sure if I am being dof or if there is something wrong with efiling page, but I cannot find my 2021 ITR12... I can see all prior years but not 2021 (?)
  4. I used these guys two years ago while in France and rented a bike for a week. Best... decision... ever... https://bcyclet.com/ Very professional and easy to use.
  5. Anyone ever fit a fourth bike adaptor onto a EuroWay G2 three bike carrier? Can only find info on fourth bike adaptor for 3-bike Velocompact but can't see a reason why it won't fit on a 3-bike Euroway....?
  6. Well, it did go out 30 minutes late and back on time, so we scored a little. And we're now reduced to 2h30 sheds; no 4h30 jobbies anymore. Assuming you're in 2A of course...?
  7. Because I ate two. How many did you ate?
  8. I did a R3k one yesterday. The terminal requested a pin for this one. No biggy... What I found at Checkers on Sunday, was a no-tap policy for transactions over R400. You could not tap your card or Garmin to complete the transaction. Obviously nothing to do with Garmin Pay or Bank limitations/restrictions and a policy implemented by the store. I suspect the limitations around values could be a combination of Garmin Pay "rules", bank specific "rules" and also vendor/shop card machine allowances/limits/rules.
  9. Really...? I didn't know December was the new April.
  10. You left out "shot down in flames" as an option on top of bored, dreaming or crazy. You see: it's probably a case of checking whether an item is available before plucking up the courage and entering into a conversation with the other half, on why you need to spend more money on cycling bits. Many of the 10-15 people asking you the question most likely got the evil eye when asking for permission, and hence not getting back to you... and I'd say a fair amount probably bailed before even getting to the point of asking. By the way: is it available?
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