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  1. nevertheless, if I saw one of those fishies you'd find something floating in the water near me for sure....💩
  2. I doubt she had a straw hat on as she was a long swimmer way out behind the backline. Apparently did it every day.
  3. pfft facts. who needs them? Look I've spent a lot of time in the ocean - diving, surfing, windsurfing, etc. But there's something about Fish Hoek.... Maybe it was that lady who got chowed completely - never found even a bit of her.
  4. MTBeer

    Medals at events

    but I'd rather have a free beer than a medal or a cup
  5. well I'm not a pro, so I drink what I want when I want. Recovery is something I do the morning after a few too many beers
  6. best way to avoid tummy bugs in general is to live your life a bit 'dirty'. Don't stress too much about food that has expired (obviously not rotten food). Get some dirt on your hands - and in your mouth occasionally. etc etc
  7. Yes that will be great for small businesses. Actually any businesses.
  8. Is it on TV? Plum Pudding is always good for some entertainment.
  9. respect. I'm too scared of the men in grey suits to swim at Fish Hoek at night
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