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  1. Growing up my dad set my bike up front brake right, so that when I started riding motorbikes it would be natural. I've been riding mountain bikes with front brake on the left for 20 years now and it still feels strange some days.
  2. I think Pat was exaggerating, at least a little bit. Even in the Morewood days (apart from the very beginning) the designs went through software analysis. I can't imagine things went backwards when he started Pyga, but perhaps I'm wrong. Your point remains though that he takes a very hands on approach to design, where software and analysis supplements hands on development and feel.
  3. Greg Minnaar was set to run 2.4's on his dh bike had he raced, so I guess that also says something.
  4. Hi Nicholas and welcome to Bikehub. Are you trying to sell this bike? If so, you have landed up on the wrong side of the website and will likely have better luck if you post it on the classifieds, which can be found here: https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/post/
  5. Perhaps they are coming to you because they didn't like the other bike shops putting stickers on their bikes...
  6. It's likely that your frame was just a dud. That is one of the hardest welds to get perfect and if the seat tube had been over-enthusiastically sanded before assembly, it may just have been ever so slightly too thin.
  7. You most certainly can know for sure if it was heat treated. Heat treating to T4 is around 400°C for 40 minutes if I remember correctly. At that temperature the paint burns right off the frame... It is therefore very clear that this was not done for your repair. The problem with many aluminium welders that do these repairs, is that they seldom deal with aircraft grade alu that bike frames are made of. When we used to repair frames it wasn't uncommon for people to come with prior welding done on the frame. In addition. Even the slightest impurity in that weld (old paint, dirt) would compromise the weld strength. Cleaning the area for repair is not a quick and easy process.
  8. That does look like your seatpost sits on the shallower side of things, but as long as it's inserted to the minimum depth, then the frame should be able to cope.
  9. I actually don't mean dealers as stated above, but sellers in general. Many that sell here aren't dealers and don't care about a long term reputation. As the site aims to direct more people here to sell, the fly by night type will gravitate in greater numbers, bringing their lack of scruples with them.
  10. From the little I've seen of your interactions on the Hub and from the praise of others here, it does seem like you are the real deal. I would wager though, that in the large pool of dealers, you are a minority.
  11. And this is the bottom line. Classifieds cater to sellers- end of story. People posting ads is what keeps things turning and if sellers don't feel comments are in their best interest, then it makes no sense to have them from Admin's point of view. No campaigning will change that. As @Mountain Brusaid though, I personally would have comments for my ads and I really believe they benefit buyers. I recently bought a bike after taking a break from cycling for a few years, and despite 5 years of industry experience (many years ago), there were questions I should have asked the seller but only thought of after the deal was concluded. Having access to other insightful "window shoppers" through their comments on the ad would have benefitted me in my decision making. On the whole, comments favour buyers because they make it far tougher for seller's to deceive, exaggerate, lie or simply reply on a buyer's ignorance. As is the case with used car dealers, complete honestly is rarely profitable. The best salesmen are masters at making the buyer feel like they got an incredible deal, which is difficult to do when there are comments pointing out that it is not, in fact, an incredible deal.
  12. I really struggled with my Express. Using fresh beans was the secret to success. My grinder is set to 5 for a fresh batch of coffee and moves to 4 just before the end.
  13. I'm really bleak for you Mojoman. Unfortunately that was always going to happen. Aluminium needs to be heat treated after welding. You could have had a 1m long seatpost that touched your bb and that would have happened again!
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