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  1. Wow thanks everyone for the feedback!!! 😁 @copperhead Will pop you a whatsapp and let you know what time I'll be there etc if you want to ride together! @mikemac Thank you please send the GPX file/Strava, even if I don't use it tomorrow I will definitely use it in the future!
  2. I have the opportunity to ride some trails for the 1st time in Cape Town tomorrow! From what I see online I can ride either Tokai MTB trails (https://tokaimtb.co.za/trails/) or Table Mountain (http://www.tablemountainbikers.co.za/dev/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Table-Mountain-MTB-Club-Maps-PRINT.pdf). My family will be in Constantia Nek area @ La Parada for lunch. I would like to ask the locals on what you think is the best place to ride 3-4 hours and ideally finish either in Hout Bay or at La Parada. I don't mind black routes and I'm relatively fit, would love to do some hard climbs to masts, towers etc! Also is the process of getting a day pass simple or have they made some changed due to COVID? Thanks!
  3. Who are the two commentators on Supersport? I really appreciate that they cater for newcomers and first time viewers by explaining concepts/happenings in a simple manner.
  4. Awesome thanks everyone! I'm going to play it safe and use some extra quick links.
  5. I purchased a new chain and shortened it too much (due to embarrassing reasons that we shall not discuss ). I adjusted the b-tension screw to 15mm as required and everything is shifting perfectly. Is there any reason for concern to ride with a short chain? Will it create more wear or possibly damage my derailleur? From what I read online it seems to be fine as long as (with bottoming out the rear suspension): 1) The jockey wheel does not contact the biggest ring 2) The cage still has a lot of play available (I see it even goes past horizontal) 3) There is a slight bend in the chain Here is an image:
  6. Not a great race (did it last year): - WPs ran out of water - They join all riders doing different distances causing huge bottlenecks - Bad route marking causing the people to take shortcuts or backtrack
  7. I'll be in Dullstroom for the rest of December. I know most of the routes and we can organise any distance / elevation. If anyone wants to go for a ride then let me know!
  8. Anyone mind sharing the GPX files for 2019 Mission? Would love to prepare using previous year routes (excluding private land) for the Rouleurs 2020.
  9. Not a bad idea. I want to get a super cheap road bike then I can use it on the trainer and for my yearly 94.7
  10. Thats a neat looking calculator. Going to try it out when I get home!
  11. Planning on doing so. I just don't want to change anything else (e.g seat horizontal position) as its fitted for my partner.
  12. I am currently using my partners bike permanently installed on our indoor trainer to avoid the hassle of having to install mine every time I want to ride. My bike is a large frame and my partner's bike is a small frame. I have been training indoors for a while now (I thumb sucked the seat height and positioning) but I am worried that it will affect my training. I have zero issues with regards to fitment (knee pain etc.) Does having a different position on the indoor bike make a big difference? In terms of muscle development, fitness etc?
  13. Weather turning to be more chilly than I thought. But the wind direction is still looking good. Holding thumbs!
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