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  1. Hi Pete, u manage to get anything yet? Might have something for u
  2. Fitted some Shimano 600 components
  3. Coming along slowly, must clean up the handle bars and rims, but needed to test fit all the components again
  4. Green bits could be from the old paint still, will give it another wipe down with some alcohol and see...
  5. After cleaning off the paint that was on it πŸ™ˆ what a mission πŸ€’
  6. Had one of these frames that was painted by the previous owner... he had a Peugot frame and Alpina frame, I was under the impression this was the Peugot frame... wanted to see the original colour and decals underneath... cleaning the top layer off I saw a Pearl white paint frame with two tone bright / neon orange edges paint work and revealed this Alpina logo beneath... this frame does not have the usual Alpina engraving on the support posts just beneath the seat post... will clean the rest of the frame in this week and will post more pics ... any information or guidance will help please πŸ™
  7. Hi Robbie, this one will be for sale in a few weeks if the restoration goes as planned, keep in touch...
  8. achmadj

    Formula 1...

    Let’s hope so, Mercedes is at a loss for words ...and I’m backing checo this year... Lando will be future champion someday, raw talent since his rookie year in F1
  9. Parts cleaned and ready for polishing
  10. Going to focus some of my time in cleaning parts this week ...
  11. @Spirogwow - now this is beautiful detail on this bike. I'm still trying to decide whether to go Red or White handle bar tape, i like the red cable touches...
  12. Now that is a car ... we should keep in touch, i know a few guys with e24's csi's, and may even have a spare bumper... ive had my fair share of projects, had a nice 33ci cabrio, a 500 SL, a p1800, etc.. for now i just need to focus on this one, and help my boys with there projects
  13. Tim, u part of the SA Volvo club?
  14. That's an e28, 520i, beautiful and fun car to drive... sold it end of last year as it wasn't ideal as a daily driver, but ...i do have an e30 318i project i'm working with my youngest son...
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