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  1. Reading all of the above I can say then if the company is not operating in major European markets, they not likely to sponsor WT cycling. The other thing is that given its Africa’s team, why would a European company with no presence in Africa be interested in sponsoring Africa’s team. It’s like you need a sponsor that operates across Africa and Europe. What are your thoughts about the team folding….. I personally think it will have a negative impact on Cycling in SA. I don’t know what is means for the Charity but the whole inspiring kids to ride bikes and aspire for greater things in the sport will be set back. Does this close the gateway to future Nic Dlaminis etc? For me the Qhubkea is more than just a WT team but when I see what they do as a charity, that alone deserves sponsorship. It would be nice if they could team up with Exxaro given what they doing in the MTB world.
  2. Whenever I think of Quebeka financial challenges I think of how other World Tour teams get by with their sponsors I get that there are some mega rich teams like Ineos but there are many sponsors of world tour teams that don’t (at least on the face of it) seem like mega powerhouses. I may be completely wrong (I have done no research on this) but the sponsors below don’t come across as multi-national conglomerates. Bora is a company that manufactures luxury German extractor fans Hansgrohe is the brand that you should turn to if you want a luxury German showerhead Deceuninck is a PVC window frame manufacturer QuickStep makes laminate flooring Intermarché, a French supermarket chain. Gobert Matériaux is a Belgian building materials supplier Soudal is an adhesives manufacturer. Jumbo is the second-largest Dutch supermarket chain Visma is a Norwegian software company Segafredo is a coffee company from Italy I am looking at the list and thinking, we have some big companies in SA that’s already involved in cycling through event sponsorhip. Why not sponsor Africa’s only WT team….
  3. My Garmin seems to believe most of my riding is few hundred meters below sea level 🤔 Always amused how different the elevation correction is between Strava and Trainingpeaks. Strava is sometimes generous where as Training peaks is almost always stingy with elevation
  4. riding for trainer road been following trainer road team, poor Nate crashed out on stage 1
  5. i remember them mentioning that during yesterdays broadcast that the Epic is now classed under the Marathon events (changed from XCO) and thus XCM WC gets to wear rainbows.
  6. whether its CT Freewheeling or Cycling Tips main podcast , they seem to be entrenched in their "biases" about certain teams from certain regions. anyway, i think this is great as its an injection into the women's world tour. And if its developing women's sport in a historically oppressive region then its a double plus.
  7. Hold up I do remember when our pro or semi pros get attacked it also makes the news. Remember that Tri athlete
  8. He does show time it took to cover the distance.
  9. i stand to be corrected but i believe she is an "amateur" by choice. She use to ride pro but stopped. She is uncoachble and coaches herself. She does her own program and doesnt like to be "managed" (i am saying all of this as a positive in her favour).
  10. gonna sound cold but we humans are our own worst enemy. We want to have our cake and eat it. I would say let the growing crowd of ebikers lose on the course and cause havok and crashes... perhaps then those reckless ones or cheating ones will be towed inline by everyone else
  11. Watched the video Besides the looks, how is this different to a normal ebike thats been "chipped"/derestricted. Yet they calling this a motorbike. also you need a license for this......maybe theres the solution to ebikes - register and license the bike and the rider.
  12. with the number of people on ebikes growing, i dont think this will be a long term practical solution. to have the man power to inspect the bikes whether at registration or on race day is impractical. This goes for all races (MTB and Road) Also ebikes are starting to look very much like normal bikes so policing it is going to be difficult. Dont know what the solution would be going forward....
  13. anyone know where I can watch the womens race I see DSTV is not showing it.
  14. gives my index but what I am looking for is which batch I am starting in Also noticed entries via racetec is still open (only closes 30 Sept) . Sent a mail CTCT.
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