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  1. I dont know if this was mentioned but can we just recognize AMP achievement in the TT for a second She finished 8th and the only one to finish ahead of her who is not a known TT specialist (as far as I am aware) was Grace Brown. AMP has had an amazing season so far
  2. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CRs-n0ID3k_/ Evie Richards got the memo Edit: Did anyone capture how much air Nino got on that drop in the first lap or 2. That was insane
  3. I dont think I can agree with that... Generalizing here, but the bike shop will most likely just point to a bike they want to sell you instead of whats actually best for you. My advice, if you know someone whos been through the journey - as in started out with a budget bike and not a newbie starting on a sworks epic, then they can guide you. Double points if they ride the same trails you planning on riding.
  4. Is France as a country been colonized???? Today I learned that David Gaudu is from Spain and Remi Cavagna is from Italy🤔
  5. McNulty and Pogacar UAE allies. They could go all the way. You would think the commentators at least watched a little bit of cycling Edit: JW must be smiling
  6. I dont like boards on my handlebars. I crash a lot and keep breaking any boards I had on my bike. Also those Activity cards are not just for cycling, they cover other activities as well (looking at you dog walkers) I think the current system can be made better with an app and standard pricing for both day pass and annual pass. This can be an addition to the current system for sure.
  7. Different Opinion I disagree with your views on Jonas and Carapaz. Jonas finished 2nd in the Tour of the Basque Country ahead of Pogs and only second to Roglic this year. Tour of the Basque country is one of the tougher week long stage races on the Calendar. Now at the tour, if Jonas didnt have to wait on Roglic on stage 3 and perhaps was the leader with more confidence during the first week of the tour i reckon results would have been much closer than 5min gap. Jonas may in future be the only one to take the fight to Pogs. Carapaz doesnt have the same level of TT ability as Rogs, Pogs, or Jonas and at a clear disadvantage, but climbing he is pretty much there or there about with the best. His win at the Giro in 2019 is not be scoffed at and he did push Rogs very close at the Vuelta last year. I think if you removed Rogs time bonuses from the Vuelta, he would have won Rogs. However any GT with more than one ITT in and his at a clear disadvantage. But definitely a level higher than Wilco, Mas, etc Bernal is the anomaly. When on form you have to wonder if anyone can climb like he does. But he is not strong at ITT so whether he can beat Pogs will depend on the parkour of the GT Right now I just think Pogs is a level above everyone else.
  8. i wonder if Mohoric saw that buttcheeks that was just flashed at him 😆
  9. would be interested to see what the numbers are as a % of total pro athletes in each sport. Weightlifting and MMA i assume would take the cake.
  10. I thought that section (rhodes, blockhouse sections) is still close?
  11. didnt know the water was safe to drink. What is the 365 option?
  12. Listening to THE MOVE podcast often I always listen how Lance and George speak about how current crop of cyclist would have dropped them on climbs even in their heydays. They explain this by advancements in Tech and training science I dont know what its like to be a pro back then or now but i would like to think that todays pros are even more focused on marginal gains when it comes to training and nutrition where possibly pros back then were more "relaxed" about it.... I dunno. My take is that not everyone is lifelong a clean/natty athlete and at some point took something to gain an advantage to speed up progression. However I would also like to believe that many are lifelong clean/natty athletes...
  13. that happened on that breakaway stage 7 where Movistar chased Carapaz down after he attacked. Guess we have to wait for part 3 of the documentary
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