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  1. I wouldn't say that there is too much choice in SA, perhaps you are onto something rather having fewer brands that offer a higher level of service and support. But it is frustrating when you see an international product launch or the pros riding something than you can't get your hands on locally.
  2. That sucks, the business model may have needed some work but fewer brands in SA is never a good thing. It is going to be interesting to see how this affects Canyon Cafe, great coffee but no more bikes to stare at... 😔
  3. I don't want to derail the thread but give this a watch while we wait for the next part.
  4. I love content like this, busy prepping for Munga 2021. Looking forward to part two!
  5. Theoretically you are in the same position, if the bicycle is stolen you will get R140k, however, by itemising the individual components they may be lowering their risk in the case of an accidental damage claim. For example if you his a pothole and you need to replace your wheelset, the will cap it at R28k. If your current bike has a set of Zipps on you will not be able to replace them with Zipps as the cap is now at R28k.
  6. After looking at those photos I don't even know what the bike looks like 🤣
  7. I am only joking, it looks like a great tour. I have no experience with them though. My statement does however highlight what a sour grape like the certain tour operator can do to the entire industry. It makes everyone a little more sceptical and that is most probably the reason for this thread.
  8. That's interesting, I will test it out when I need something. The main advantage of AGS is that you have the ability to shop all of the niche brands and you can bypass the geo-blocking. When I eventually get around to doing this I will share my experience.
  9. @MORNE it would be interesting to see if it works, shipping to Switzerland is about 5 euros more expensive and free in some instances. When checking out you won’t pay German VAT and it automatically includes Swiss VAT and duties. DHL will handle the first leg of the shipping on behalf of the seller and then Aramex the second.
  10. I have been looking into this and Amarex global shopper definitely seems to be the best route despite the double VAT. One nice thing with Aramex global shopper is that you can get around the geo-locking issue. If purchasing from Bikecomponents or Bike24 it looks like sending the package to Switzerland and then to SA with Aramex Global shopper will be the cheapest as Switzerland has a VAT rate of 7.5%. I am not 100% clued up on the Aramex process, is this possible?
  11. I think this is definitely worth a mention. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/mountain-bike-wheels/466664/ax-lightness-mtb-wheels I was looking at buying these and re-lacing the rims with a set of boost hubs, when I was doing some reading up on the rims I learnt that they are tubular. This can be confirmed by zooming in on the sidewall of the tyres. The seller hasn't mentioned it in the ad and he also failed to mention it in our brief conversation.
  12. I really like this! It reminds me of the Curve Gmx.
  13. If I compare my weight from this moth to last it's not too bad I'm up by 800g from last month which isn't too bad considering I broke my collarbone 10 days ago. But before it happened I was down 1.5kg from Feb's weight so I has actually cost me just over 2kg. I am focusing a lot on my eating at the moment as there is no training happening.
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